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Governor Cooper Sues to Stop Scholarships for Low-Income Students

Late last Summer, Governor Roy Cooper added to his extensive list of lawsuits by adding a section to one of them that seeks to block Opportunity Scholarship money for low-income students. Nearly 7,000 low-income and minority kids would have their education choices ripped from them. Continue reading

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Governor Who Vetoed State Budget ‘Disappointed’ in #SchumerShutdown

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper was ‘disappointed’ in Congress for not meeting the “very basic obligation of funding the government.” Continue reading

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Here We Go Again On Confederate Monuments

Most of us had forgotten that Governor Ray had requested the removal of three monuments.  These statues have stood on the Capitol grounds in Raleigh for a combined 330 years. Continue reading

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Roy Cooper’s Education Commission: Unelected, Partisan Shadow Group

Cooper’s Latest Stunt? A Partisan, Shadow Education Commission.
Back in July, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced the formation an education commission entitled, the Governor’s Commission on Access to Sound Basic Education. Parents are once again missing from the discussion. Continue reading

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Cooper Is the Corporate Subsidy Governor

While campaigning, Roy Cooper ran on an Occupy Wall Streetesque theme that corporations shouldn’t be getting tax cut and subsidies. Now that he’s governor, he’s handing out subsidies like Halloween candy while his staff is taking pot shots at tax cuts. Continue reading

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