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Now Moral Monday Is About Ferguson

Littered all over the #MoralMonday hashtag are tweets like the ones below.

Moral Monday was just another incarnation of Occupy. People were injured, property damaged, buildings burned…and Moral Monday are standing on top of all that. Moral Monday used the turmoil in Ferguson to pull some stunts like closing down Wal-Marts and connecting it to Ferguson just to get some press. That’s ghoulish.


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News and Observer Jumps Media Bias Shark With Wake Endorsements

Not a lot of background, facts or qualifications for the candidates the News and Observer has endorsed for the Wake County Commissioner race. Perhaps that’s because their resumes are on the light side of experience and heavy on the political activism side – specifically far Left, big government, big spending Moral Monday activism.

The county commissioners hold the purse strings for the Wake. Imagine your taxes if a Moral Monday crew gained control? They’d have you paying your ‘fair share’, right?

I left a comment and continue to comment on things like this because our media cannot or will not do its job. See below. Continue reading

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NC NAACP Email About “Prophet” Barber Dances On Non-profit Legal Line

This email from Al McSurely is very close to electioneering for a particular candidate, which a non-profit like the NC NAACP is barred from doing. As an attorney, McSurely should know this.
Scroll down to the bottom. I’ve got a bit of commentary to add.


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This Is How Moral Monday Is Trying To Stay Relevant

This is how Moral Monday is trying to stay relevant. Using an already charged situation in another state to get arrested for media attention.

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#NCDEMS Defacto Leader Still Arguing Minorities Too Dumb To Get I.D.

Yesterday in North Carolina, an appeal was heard regarding North Carolina’s voting law changes (VIVA).

Tales from the front lines: Federal trial today in Charlotte. http://t.co/XlJLNHQ6dm @LadyLiberty1885 @sistertoldjah @NCPlottHound #ncpol

— Voter Integrity (@VoteChecker) September 25, 2014

From the VIP linked article above, emphasis mine:

“Semantics aside, the real issue boiled down to a term known as “irreparable harm.” The plaintiffs argued that if this election law remains in force for the November elections, then people will be irreparably harmed. And since those people would disproportionately be the poor and the minority community, they further reason, this law is discriminatory under Section 2 of the US Civil Rights Act.

Their biggest problem is that silly concept known as, “burden of proof.” Other than with a hypothetical situation about an old lady who cannot vote at the precinct next door to her and instead has to get a ride to a precinct that’s a mile or two away. Judge Wynn conceded that a situation like that is perfectly normal for school assignments, but insisted it was improper for voting purposes.”

Moral Monday and Defacto NC Dem Leader, Reverend Barber, is still making the case minorities are being discriminated against by having to show identification. Translated: Minorities are either too dumb or too lazy to get and maintain identification.
From the “Forward Together” press release:

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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#NCDEMS Go After County Commissioners Race, Launch “More With Four”

NC Democrats have launched a site called “More with Four.”  Continue reading

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Moral Monday Leader Not Arrested With 26 Fast Food Workers In Durham

Shocker. Moral Monday’s leader not arrested at the protest he promoted?

“Twenty-six protesters were arrested in Durham, NC Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014 as the Bull City joined over 150 cities nationwide as part of a campaign called “Fight for $15.” Labor organizers are trying to escalate efforts to get McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast-food companies to pay employees at least $15 an hour. The protesters blocked Main Street in Durham for several hours before being arrested.”

(VIDEO) Continue reading

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