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Wake Cty Hires 8 New Principals

News and Observer is reporting the hiring (or shifting around of) of 8 new principals in Wake county. Four are interim appointments.
Also, here come higher taxes — the original $1.7 billion dollar proposed Wake county schools budget was passed by the Wake County Commissioners at a lower total of $1.1 billion. Continue reading

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Wake Commissioner Representing The Citizens By Blocking Them?

One new Wake County Commissioner appears to have a temper. The other claimed she would represent and work with all Wake citizens.

How quickly those claims fell flat:

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All Dem Wake Cty Commission Picks ‘Leadership’

Forward, Together! Not One Cent Back!

The all Democrat Wake County Board of Commissioners picked their ‘leadership’.

James West will be the chair and Carolina Sullivan vice chair.


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New Dem Wake County Commissioners Already Reaching For Your Wallet

Just yesterday, I said to gird your wallets. I said the four Moral Monday Democrats who are now on the Wake County Commissioners board were going to push for a mass transit boondoggle and raise taxes.

Apparently, that call was right on target:

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Barber Accuses GOP of Race-baiting by Holding Him Accountable To His Own Demands

Reverend Barber’s deck is all race cards.

Now his own agenda and words, when applied to those who follow and support him are also racist. See how that works?

Rev. Barber: HOW DARE YOU USE MY OWN AGENDA AND WORDS AGAINST ME?! http://t.co/3JsPgwhaNE #ncpol #ncga #MoralMonday #LOL

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 4, 2014 Continue reading

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Did Wake Commissioner Candidate Move Just To Be In Specific District?

As I wrote yesterday, the NC Democrat candidates for Wake County Commissioner are unraveling.

It appear that “More with Four” candidate Jessica Holmes likes to house hop… right into a specific district before an election.
Holmes has lived at least three places since moving to Wake County in 2012:

5304 Underwood Arbor Pl., Cary (apartment)
1322 Renshaw Ct., Cary (Condominium)
301 Dove Cottage Ln., Cary (Townhouse)
Holmes purchased the Renshaw Court address on March 25, 2013.
She lived there until Jan. 17, 2014.
Both the Underwood and Renshaw addresses are in Commission District 4, represented by Democrat Caroline Sullivan.

Holmes then moved to Dove Cottage, inside the 3rd District, on Jan. 17, 2014- just one month before filing for office.


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WNCN Fails To Mention “Who More With Four” Side With

The headline itself is slanted as Hell:

Republican Wake Co. commissioners fighting to keep power

This article over at WNCN fails to mention who the Democrat “More With Four” county commission candidates side with. It’s not the public, it’s Moral Monday and their huge laundry list spending and more dependency on big government.

The WNCN article calls Jessica Holmes an “education attorney”.
She’s an NCAE attorney. That’s a fairly large piece of information to leave out given the way the NCAE has politicked in our schools over the last year and backed Moral Monday’s every play. Excerpt: Continue reading

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