NC NAACP Email About “Prophet” Barber Dances On Non-profit Legal Line

This email from Al McSurely is very close to electioneering for a particular candidate, which a non-profit like the NC NAACP is barred from doing.  As an attorney, McSurely should know this.
Scroll down to the bottom. I’ve got a bit of commentary to add.

Dear Members of the Forward Together Moral Movement that sprung from our ten-year struggle in North Carolina and spread to more than 15 states …and growing strong,

             Don’t bother to open up this brilliant rendition of Rev. Dr. William Barber’s message unless you have 15 minutes to soak it in. Sister Denise Oliver-Velez, who helped lead the Young Lords back in the day, thoughtfully quoted Frederick Douglass’ juxtaposition of slave-holder Christianity vs. the Christianity of Jesus. Read Douglass’ plain statements of fact first. You will find the same truth and rhythms in Rev. Barber’s message to the NAACP Convention in 2012. Mitt Romney had just stunk up the stage with a poorly executed ploy to provoke booing from the NAACP for a cheap shot TV ad. No one booed, but we were ready, after Romney was ushered out the back, for Rev. Barber to lift us with “If you ever needed to vote, you need to vote now.”

So if you have 5 minutes, get your family together and read Douglass at the bottom, and perhaps the squibs from Harris-Perry, Gresham, Lucy, and the other people who have thrown their considerable power behind the North Carolina prophet. After setting the tone in the room, go to the “You Need To Vote Now” link. Then call your friends. Vote together as a non-violent direct action against the last-gasps of the racist right. Put on your “I voted” sticker. Then join the Moral Forward Together Coalition in your state. If you can’t find it, start it.

With love and justice,

Al McSurely

Civil Rights Lawyer in North Carolina

NC NAACP Executive Committee

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Also, if you dare to hit the link in the email, it takes you to the far, far, far, far, far Left Daily KoS.

At the KoS is the revelation that “Prophet” Barber is coming out with a book.

Perhaps McSurely misspoke and he meant “Profit” Barber.

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