#NCDEMS Defacto Leader Still Arguing Minorities Too Dumb To Get I.D.

Yesterday in North Carolina, an appeal was heard regarding North Carolina’s voting law changes (VIVA).

From the VIP linked article above, emphasis mine:

“Semantics aside, the real issue boiled down to a term known as “irreparable harm.” The plaintiffs argued that if this election law remains in force for the November elections, then people will be irreparably harmed. And since those people would disproportionately be the poor and the minority community, they further reason, this law is discriminatory under Section 2 of the US Civil Rights Act.

Their biggest problem is that silly concept known as, “burden of proof.” Other than with a hypothetical situation about an old lady who cannot vote at the precinct next door to her and instead has to get a ride to a precinct that’s a mile or two away. Judge Wynn conceded that a situation like that is perfectly normal for school assignments, but insisted it was improper for voting purposes.”


Moral Monday and Defacto NC Dem Leader, Reverend Barber, is still making the case minorities are being discriminated against by having to show identification. Translated: Minorities are either too dumb or too lazy to get and maintain identification.
From the “Forward Together” press release:

“For the state to argue that there is not enough time to correct an unconstitutional law is both illogical and ahistorical,” said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the North Carolina NAACP. “The evidence and the courts have said that African Americans will be discriminatorily burdened because of the changes this law imposes. We believe there should be an injunction granted, and voting procedures in North Carolina should return to the status quo prior to the confusion caused by the rapid and irregular passage of H.B. 589.



Meanwhile, Voter ID remains extremely popular in North Carolina:

An Elon University Poll released last week found 68 percent of registered voters and 72 percent of all residents surveyed supporting the new law, as described using the voter ID requirement only. – WNCN

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