News and Observer Jumps Media Bias Shark With Wake Endorsements

Not a lot of background, facts or qualifications for the candidates the News and Observer has endorsed for the Wake County Commissioner race. Perhaps that’s because their resumes are on the light side of experience and heavy on the political activism side – specifically far Left, big government, big spending Moral Monday activism.

The county commissioners hold the purse strings for the Wake. Imagine your taxes if a Moral Monday crew gained control? They’d have you paying your ‘fair share’, right?

I left a comment and continue to comment on things like this because our media cannot or will not do its job. See below.

This article is light on background because not a single one of these people has the management or budget background it takes to run one of the largest counties in our state.Three of the four above support Moral Monday and their multi-billion dollar, more big government agenda.
Read more:

Ms. Holmes has even spoken at a Moral Monday event and has not been forthcoming about who she works for.
See the video:

ALL IS WELL, right News and Observer?

New media has been doing your job all campaign season long. We’ll continue.

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