#NCDEMS Go After County Commissioners Race, Launch “More With Four”

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NC Democrats have launched a site called “More with Four.”  The four refers to four candidates the Democrats are pushing to get on the County Commissioners board. News and Observer had a short piece up today on it.

The press release from the NC Dems uses Moral Monday language, ‘moving forward’. It also seeks to capitalize on the NC Dem’s manufactured war on education:

Raleigh – Wake County Democratic Party Chair, Dan Blue III, this week announced a new effort and website to promote the four County Commission candidates who are committed to getting Wake County moving forward again.   The “More with Four” campaign is also an effort to help educate voters that they can vote in all four County Commission races.

These candidates, according to the site, are:

Well folks, here’s the NC Dems version of the Fantastic Four. More like Fantastic flop. The NC Dems have bios up with each name, however, some information is lacking. Let’s fill some of it in.

Jessica Holmes?
Her profile fails to mention that she is an NCAE attorney and Moral Monday Fan.

And Ms. Holmes clearly doesn’t want low-income kids or their parents to choose their education:

More via the NCAE’s Facebook page, however, the video they link to has been removed:

North Carolina Association of Educators December 12, 2013 ·  NCAE attorney Jessica Holmes spoke to an NAACP briefing for organizations across the country on the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina this past week. DPB Films is running Jessica’s heartfelt speech in today’s special Educator Voices. http://youtu.be/gXTBR7q2DNo 


John Burns?
Some readers might remember him. It’s the same one from last year. Remember? His pal Greg Flynn was the one who put my personal information out on Twitter last Fall at the behest of the “NCblondes” using a tactic known as ‘doxing’. Read what happened here.

John Burns Drivel 091813

Burns has since scrubbed his timeline and then defended Flynn while attacking me for comments made to Flynn that I was not involved with.   He then continued to verbally accost me on Twitter until I blocked him.

Weird Fact: Greg Flynn has Sig Hutchinson tagged on his blog under Neal Hunt, along with some emails with scrubbed headers. Make what you want of that. Speaking of which…

Sig Hutchinson? Also apparently Moral Monday fan – and attendee, it looks like if he took the pictures?


Matt Calabria?
He’s young. As in was still an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill in 2005, young. Looking at his site, he hasn’t changed much since high school.

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