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Here Comes The Union Bus!

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know the Unions and their multitude of ‘raise the wage’ front groups have been hollering for a minimum wage hike. While the President seems to be talking the talk, his Democratic held Congress led by Harry Reid are not walking the walk. They failed to pass the bill!

So, here comes the bus! A who’s who of the Left in NC is hopping on board. GOODY! The circus is coming to Greensboro and Raleigh.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Jeremy Funk, 202-470-5878
April 30, 2014 Blake Williams, Traveling Press Sec., 407-902-7399

***MEDIA ADVISORY for Thursday, May 1st, 2014***10:30am ET in Greensboro***2:30pm ET in Raleigh***

The “Give America a Raise” Bus Tour Comes to The Tar Heel State Continue reading

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@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

To date, no media outlet has asked the pointed question and received an answer from Aim Higher NC on who their backers are. We do know that Organize2020, the NCAE member-led protest arm, says they are not involved. We also know that Rob Black of Red Wolf Communications is being called a ‘spokesperson’ for Aim Higher in the media. Black was a former communications directors for the Teamsters.

The only clue is the Aim Higher website. At the bottom, it says”Built by Powerthru Consulting”. A click on that text takes you to a PowerThru Consulting page although the address remains AimHigherNC. Now, click on ‘Clients’. There is a long list of Unions on it, of which the AFL-CIO and Progress NC stand out as having a presence in North Carolina: Continue reading

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Moral Monday Moves To Saturday… or Something.

Moral Monday will hold its biggest march ever on a Saturday.

Uh, Moral Saturday. Now, that isn’t catchy and it doesn’t rhyme. Does that make it Sinning Saturday…or something? I guess Occupy with a White Collar is starting again? Great. Time to avoid downtown.

It will, of course, be the biggest EVER! Unions make sure to pad these events well, as I’ve noted their involvement before. Much of the media is complicit; they need to cover up their own connections to Moral Monday and it’s Blueprint NC strategy. Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: A Primer On The Left In NC (IV)

My Latest Magnificent Seven article is up at DaTechGuy: A Primer on the Left In NC (IV)

Last week we looked at Moral Monday in North Carolina and how it’s now spreading to neighboring states. I mentioned that was not a bug but a feature. In this installment, we’ll look at the union ties to Moral Monday, a quick look at a movement I’ve dubbed Occupy 2.0 and how the AFL-CIO’s “Organize the South or Die” campaign all figure into the mix. Continue reading

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Behind Moral Mondays: Occupy, Unions, and Socialist.. OH MY!

For months, it has been illustrated that the Moral Monday ‘movement’ was enlisting every Left leaning group in the area. The rhetoric, the organizing — it’s right out of the Blueprint NC playbook. They include Occupy and various offshoots of it, Unions (both in and out of state), Union Social Justice front groups and Socialists. They represent a small minority in this state, yet seem to make the loudest amount of noise thanks to their friends in the media. Continue reading

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What If NC AFL-CIO Threw A Picket And No One Came?

Well, T.G.I.F everyone!

We made it though this crazy week of pickets, marches and strikes. Speaking of pickets… This past Sunday I wrote about the upcoming ‘Picket Posh House GOP Fundraiser’ event set up and promoted by the NC AFL-CIO. The picketing went on this past Tuesday. No local media covered it. I even forgot about it until today. On Sunday, I speculated they might have protest fatigue — you know, all the Moral Monday-ing and all, and it looks like perhaps that speculation was right.

Poor sacks. Had to picket waaaaaaay down the entrance road and out on the opposite sidewalk to the Carolina Country Club. Continue reading

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Occupy 2.0: American Family Values, DLCC and Teamsters

Just when we’ve covered one political action or social justice group affiliated with Big Labor and their resurrection of Occupy, another pops up.

Campaign forms to combat voter suppression nationwide. #ncpol #MoralMonday #ALEC http://t.co/xbg2xTmLdt

— Teamsters (@Teamsters) August 20, 2013

The link goes to an article on the Teamsters website that touts it’s new 501 (4)(c) group that fighting racism ‘voter suppression’ called American Values First.

Unions, Occupy and Moral Monday — one big, happy Lefty family.
Keep Reading… Continue reading

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