What If NC AFL-CIO Threw A Picket And No One Came?

Well, T.G.I.F everyone!

We made it though this crazy week of pickets, marches and strikes.  Speaking of pickets… This past Sunday I wrote about the upcoming ‘Picket Posh House GOP Fundraiser‘ event set up and promoted by the NC AFL-CIO. The picketing went on this past Tuesday. No local media covered it. I even forgot about it until today.  On Sunday, I speculated they might have protest fatigue — you know, all the Moral Monday-ing and all, and it looks like perhaps that speculation was right.

Poor sacks. Had to picket waaaaaaay down the entrance road and out on the opposite sidewalk to the Carolina Country Club. They did a similar picket back in 2011 with about the same results and it looks like maybe the same signs. Of course, no pickets were planned for Democrat fundraisers.

The NC AFL-CIO Twitter account provided a few more shots, just so we can be sure of the maybe 2 dozen people who showed up.

Oh Hey, look Madea Benjamin did show up. Man, she looks kind like she’s wondering what kind of chicken sh*t outfit she wandered into:

Obligatory child prop:

Oh, an actual giant Pink slip. So clever:

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