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PVC Six Update: Protester Votes In Durham Despite Miami, FL Mailing Address – #ncpol

One of the PVC Six has a serious problem. Not only does she work for the uber-liberal attack group, Blueprint NC, but it looks like she may have voted illegally this past week.

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Progress NC Comms Director Takes NC Education False Narratives To HuffPo

One has to laugh at the lengths at which Progress NC will go to in order promulgate their false education narratives.

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NC Attorney General Race: The Blueprint NC Candidate – #ncpol

NC General Assembly Senator Josh Stein has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the NC Attorney General race. This announcement is, without argument, anti-climactic.

Stein is the Blueprint NC candidate and has been a very vocal supporter of Blueprint NC attack tactics such as Moral Monday. Continue reading

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Rep. Glazier Resigns, Heads to #BlueprintNC’s Parent Organization – #NCGA

Back in June, Rep. Glazier tweeted that he was headed to NC Justice Center.

It took a few months, but seven term NC representative, Democrat Rick Glazier, has resigned as of August 28th.

Gee, just in time to skip out on the budget negotiations. Lucky him.

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Another Common Core Potemkin Village Exposed By A “Parent”

Earlier this week the NC Common Core commission or Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) met and allowed for parents to comment.  See my earlier article, NC Common Core #ASRC June Meeting Update for reference. In my prior article I mentioned a particular “parent” … Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: Dark Money On The Left Targets North Carolina

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: Dark Money On The Left Targets North Carolina Continue reading

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About That “School To Prison Pipeline”…

News and Observer Ed blog has an article up quoting Wake County Board member, Jim Martin, on the alleged ‘school to prison pipeline’. The article cites the group “Education Justice Alliance” as taking exception to Martin’s comments.

There’s a punchline to Martin’s comments and the subsequent dismay by the Education Justice Alliance. He and the Wake School Board invited this ‘school to prison pipeline’ of attack in. Keep reading, you’ll see why.

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