Behind Moral Mondays: Occupy, Unions, and Socialist.. OH MY!

For months, it has been illustrated that the Moral Monday ‘movement’ was enlisting every Left leaning group in the area. The rhetoric, the organizing — it’s right out of the Blueprint NC playbook. They include Occupy and various offshoots of it, Unions (both in and out of state), Union Social Justice front groups and Socialists.  They represent a small minority in this state, yet seem to make the loudest amount of noise thanks to their friends in the media.

But this is a grassroots North Carolina movement, ya’ll!

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So, About Those Protesters…

In Burlington, of course, “hundreds” turned out for a Moral Monday protest. No pictures of said hundreds in the press, but we shouldn’t question that. Besides, NC NAACP took a photo for us:

Yeah, “hundreds”.

Among the Burlington protesters mentioned by The Times News were:

None of the details given here about these folks were included in the News Times article.  Not surprising, the News and Observer didn’t even look into their poster boy arrestee for Moral Monday – Carl Gibson. You can read more about Gibson and his SEIU tied/Professional arrestee act here.

So, the backgrounds on these protesters was not report nor was any of the rhetoric reported. Par of the course so I checked the NC NAACP Twitter timeline. Apparently, the villain du jour was the Tea Party and the NCAE president is now threatening to sue the Governor… or something:

What does this tirading, blaming and rhetoric all mean? Translated: Liberals are mad as Hell that they were thrown out of both houses in a landslide, historic election that also swept the Lt. Governor and Governors seats Red. The voters spoke and they didn’t  want Liberals to continue turning North Carolina into New York or California.


The Reverend Doctor William Barber

These groups came together to march for resident NAACP leader “The Reverend Doctor William Barber“. If you’ve lived in North Carolina for even a few years and paid any attention to the news, you know Barber is more concerned with his own significance than any one cause.

The Reverend Doctor on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell…solo.
Read more:

“The question in life I grapple with the most isn’t how I can be successful,” Barber said. “The question I grapple with the most is how I can be significant. I could quit right now if I just wanted to be successful. But the question is how to be significant.”  Source – Elon Pendulum




This week, the good “Reverend Doctor” is pulling his theatrics in court — again. Barber put on a big show of the arrests at Moral Monday for the cameras and in doing so highlighted the hypocrisy therein of “civil disobedience lite“.

King knew that true civil disobedience requires sanctions. Otherwise people could just break the law whenever they feel like it. This would necessarily undermine the rule of law and lead to anarchy. And yet William Barber and the other arrestees have done exactly that. Most of the 900 arrestees are pleading “not guilty” to trespassing – actively seeking to be acquitted for a crime that they did in fact commit. This is “civil disobedience lite,” a spurious tactic that undermines the very concept of civil disobedience, in addition to undermining the rule of law.

“Civil disobedience lite” has serious consequences for the people of Wake County. In trying to avoid sanctions, Barber has forced the Wake County District Attorney’s office to waste inordinate amounts of time and money. Police officers, bailiffs, court reporters, judges, and prosecutors will spend months tied up for frivolous trials – all because the protesters are unwilling to accept responsibility for what they did.

There is a word for this cynical tactic to keep media attention fixated on a budget that purportedly strains public resources, all by further straining those resources: Hypocrisy. – Source: Lee Brett,

Hypocrisy indeed. Watch out, he’s not done shooting all the bullets in his gun.

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