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FL Teachers Union Takes Hit Over School Choice

A Florida judge dealt a blow to a teachers union and their allies in the state trying to end the state’s thirteen year-old Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program according to the Daily Signal. Continue reading

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Another Day, Another N&O Shill Piece

Another Day, Another N&O Shill Piece. You can set your watch by it.

Wow, Shill much? MT @newsobserver Editorial: Tillis is wrong and vague about NC’s minimum wage- #NCpol #RaiseTheWage

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) September 16, 2014

Love that hashtag – #RaiseTheWage. All the cool union front groups fomenting ire and leading strikes in order to pad their waning member ranks are using it.

Did someone say Union?

Hagan gets warm welcome at Raleigh labor event #ncpol #ncsen — Moral Mondays (@MoralMondays) September 16, 2014

Here comes the New media to clear up some of that bias…

KEEP READING — Especially If you live in reality and can do Math. Continue reading

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Labor Day Holiday 2014

It’s Labor day. This is an obligatory Labor Day post where we’re supposed to thank Labor Unions for the day off.

Gallup: Americans Approve of Unions but Support “Right to Work” #Politics

— American Insights (@AmericanInsight) August 29, 2014

Let’s look at what else we’re thanking them for: Continue reading

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AFT Rides The Fence With Common Core

Over at Huffington Post, Randi Weingarten has an op-ed up. Weingarten rides the fence with this op-ed. It’s titled ‘Tuning in to Teachers’. I wonder when we’ll see one called ‘Tuning into Students’?

Here’s the excerpt I was concerned with; emphasis added:
The most intense debate concerned the Common Core State Standards . Teachers have been told that these are an essential building block to help all students be ready for college and career, yet stories of inadequate resources and preparation for teachers and students were as legion as they were heartbreaking. The anger over the emphasis on testing and the profit-seeking developers of tests and textbooks as well as other “edupreneurs” was evident and justified. Continue reading

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‘Non-Partisan’ Group Holding Partisan Rally

Democracy NC, famous for their ‘non-partisan’ advocate for clean elections, is at it again with more partisanship attacks.

Via email: Continue reading

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Not All Teachers Love Common Core…

This article by Lindsey Layton up at the Washington Post, Teachers union convention opens, Common Core on table, is very telling. The opening 2 paragraphs lay out a real narrative changer:

“In response to teachers who are uneasy with the Common Core State Standards, a major teachers union is offering to underwrite projects crafted by teachers to improve the math and reading standards.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, is expected to announce Friday that the union will give up to five grants worth as much as $30,000 to teachers for projects aimed at reforming the standards.”

Wait, what? We’ve been told over and over by supporters that all teacher love the Common Core. Continue reading

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