‘Non-Partisan’ Group Holding Partisan Rally

Democracy NC, famous for their ‘non-partisan’ advocate for clean elections, is at it again with more partisanship attacks.

Via email:

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July 15, 2014
Dear Lady,

While his variety stores like Roses and Maxway continue to help their owner, Art Pope, earn a healthy living, NC workers and public employees continue facing tough economic times and cuts to basic services.

We know you’re familiar with Art Pope, the store owner and political donor. But have you been following Art Pope, the State Budget Director? The position of State Budget Director is one of the most powerful in the governor’s cabinet and Art Pope has worked with Gov. McCrory and the legislative leadership to pass laws that: Cut aid to the jobless, fired thousands of teachers, cut health services for women and children, raised interest rates on small loans, and increased the tax burden of middle and low wage earners.

At the same time, Pope backed the terrible new voting law that makes voting harder while making it easier for big private donors like him to influence elections.

This Saturday, July 19 at noon, join the NC Public Service Workers Union in a public action to tell Art Pope to fully fund public service and justice for workers.

Art Pope Protest

Saturday, July 19 @ Noon
1000 N. Miami Blvd, Durham 27703

For more information, contact info@raiseupfor15.org.


Adam Sotak
Campaigns Organizer
Democracy NC


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  1. Nate says:

    ’tis only partisan when the OTHER guys do it.


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