North Carolina Dumps Common Core

At the fourth and final meeting of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core study committee, a bill was unveiled that will remove Common Core from the state’s statutes. The bill also calls for a return to North Carolina Standard Course of Study, which will be developed by an academic review commission.

The draft bill is titled “Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs”. The draft number is TLza-24.  Update: Here is the link to the report and draft bill.

Chairman Holloway stated this bill is not intended to just rename Common Core but instead, replace it. The draft bill also leaves the national testing consortiums tied to the Common Core (PARCC, SBAC) in favor of a new assessment instrument to assess student achievement. In addition, the draft bill states, “The State Board shall not acquire or implement such an assessment instrument without the enactment of legislation by the General Assembly authorizing the purchase.”

The opening language:

A Bill to be entitled an Act to replace the Common Core by exercising North Carolina’s proper Constitutional authority over all academic standards and to ensure that standards are robust and appropriate, and that they enable students to succeed academically and professionally, as recommended by the legislative research commission study committee on the Common Core State Standards.

The findings of the committee given out at the last meeting today include:

1. Local state boards of education, school administrators, teachers, and instructional personnel should continue to adopt and implement locally adopted curricula for appropriate instruction of each child in each subject area.

2. The SBE and local boards of education shall continue to communicate with parents of public school students and other stakeholder groups to increase the transparency of standard and curricular options, revisions, implementation and evaluation.

3. The SBE continue to review, revise, and refine the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, especially in the areas of mathematics and in English Language Arts, according to current SBE policy.

4. To assist the SBE in implementing Recommendation 3, thre NC General Assembly establishes the Academic Standards Review Commission composed of public and legislative members. (There is attached legislation I will link when it is posted on the website for the Common Core LRC.)

5. The SBE and local boards of education shall continue to assess teachers’ needs for professional development and provide adequate and appropriate professional development that will support teachers to help every student in North Carolina’s public schools to achieve the State-determined standard course of study.

Update: Thank you to Mary Chastain at Breitbart for linking to this article.

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39 Responses to North Carolina Dumps Common Core

  1. pookieamos says:

    Pay attention to what states deviate from Common Core . The Liberal states whose governors are on board with U.N. Agenda 21 will fight to keep Common Core in their states. Common Core is the education system that will align with the United Nations all children on the globe. It is a way to “MOLD ” children from the earliest age with core values of communism and environmentalism. They are creating a new breed of people with the same common views on Bio-Diversity and earth worshippers , tree huggers if you will that will fit in conformity wise with a ruling government . They will teach the children that it is wrong to hunt and to kill for meat consumption , they are already rewriting the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment for fourth and fifth graders. Our children will lack freedom ,emotions and individual unlike you and I , unlike any American has ever had to endure since our founding 236 years ago. This is the Agenda for the 21st Century , this is the pathway to a global sustainable world.This isn’t being hidden from people , people are refusing to believe while some have a little understanding and then others , they are so filled with hate they wont get past that imbedded wedge of hate to even converse. The only will this is going to be stopped from happening is a much greater awakening.


  2. As a history teacher, my main problem with the Common Core is the same problem I have with North Carolina education in general. The main objective of our General Assembly should NOT be CHANGING our curriculum, it should be fully funding the one we have. For example, when the United States History curriculum changed from one course to two, we were not provided with new textbooks or printed resources of any kind. My old history textbook that we are required to use starts with CHAPTER 5!! We had a difficult time, but my students and I made it from Jamestown through the American Revolution with whatever resources I could beg, borrow, steal, or pay for out of my own pocket.


    • A part of the problem with common core IS funding – the estimated costs over the next 5-7 years are in upwards of 642 million. None of the line items in that are raising teacher pay, by the way.

      I don’t believe the legislature is changing the curriculum either, because as we in opposition have been told by supporters of the Core – “It’s just standards, not curriculum”. The commission being set up is going to fix the standards, not the curriculum. In essence they are having to clean up June Atkinson’s mess.


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  7. Drew Polly says:

    In terms of the mathematics Standards, the Common Core are so much stronger compared to what was there in the 2003 NCSCOS. I am seriously concerned about who will be the “political appointees” that will be asked to write new Standards.


    • 2003 was the last revamping of the NC state standards but, as Dr. Atkinson said in her testimony in front of the NCGA – the standards were in the process of being revamped again. That happens every 5 years.
      Also, who said were our standards were inferior?
      Fordham Institute? Their Gates funded grading report has been debunked ten ways from Sunday.

      The only mathematician on the Common Core Validation Committee refused to sign off on the standards. He also has written extensively on how Common Core math will set our kids back at least two years and does not prepare them for STEM careers. Please read up on Dr. James Milgram.

      I have no worries about who will be selected for the missions. I am worried about “political appointees” too — but being placed on the commissions by DPI and Dr. Atkinson, who are heavily invested in forcing Common Core on this state.


  8. and get rid of the uniforms three to five day supentions for not being in uniform is crazy


    • Chud says:

      If your school has uniforms, why would your child NOT go in uniform? I’m not a uniform fan however, why would someone (as a parent) send their child to school not in uniform knowing it’s required?


  9. I am delighted at this development! As it is a bill, we need to let our legislators that we support and stand strong behind this bill so they understand they must pass it!


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  13. Get this passed and lets get our children back to learning what is important and get our teachers back on track. Also we need to put into play a system whereby our kids can get outside and get rid of stress like we had as children. We use to have more Physical Education as well. A young person can not learn when they are forced to sit for all those long hours each day.


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  15. Julie Nussman says:

    Very exciting news! They now need to follow TN lead and stop evaluating our schools and teachers using the flawed common core assessments and tests.


  16. When I see it I will believe it. Though this is a step in the right direction, there is still much work to be done in order to get NC’s education system back on track..


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  18. rgm3 says:

    If all available textbooks are CC compliant, then CC gets implemented without being implemented.


    • Cheryl Kimber says:

      We never fully received CC compliant textbooks. The state enjoys changing curriculum without funding any sort of classroom materials. Then they test on said curriculum (so much so that we have little time to teach anything at all) and students do poorly as teachers struggle to find something to use to teach with. When it changes, we probably won’t receive books yet again. I can’t remember the last time I saw and updated Science or Social Studies book. Last year, I taught in a school with no books in any subject except for a Math book that didn’t even remotely meet any standards.

      You know what we should do? Stop wasting millions on over testing and actually fund our schools. Perhaps pay teachers decently. I wouldn’t even mind an extended school day so that I could add in an afternoon recess in addition to our morning one. In the comments, people feel our kids aren’t meant to sit all day. What do you think they do during EOGs? Sit for 3-4 hours filling in little bubbles in a classroom with everything on the walls either taken down or covered up. (God forbid we have a misadministration because the book shelf wasn’t covered up.) Yeah, I’m sure that is developmentally appropriate.


    • CMM37 says:

      Well, most schools don’t have any textbooks anymore. Our school hasn’t bought new textbooks in almost 10 years. No money for it, so there’s not a lot of concern there.


  19. Daniel Nicholas says:

    I’m reading that this is a draft, not an actually passed bill. Do not rest on a victory yet. That’s what the CC Advocates want you to think.


  20. Scott says:

    Excellent news!


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  22. Robert E Palisin says:

    Congratulations to our NC legislators for setting a good example. Perhaps other states will be able to summon up enough backbone to say NO to Federalized education as well. I hope the selection of text books will come back to the local school board.


  23. geek49203 says:

    What normally happens in government matters is that the standard, even while not being formally adopted or recognized, becomes the de facto standard. Let me give you two examples:

    1. Circa 1992 I got a notice from my landlord that I need to replace my plastic dryer duct w/ a metal dryer duct. Why? ‘State (not NC) housing people said so. Why? ‘Cause some standards org said so. Who is on that committee? You got it — manufacturers of metal dryer duct stuff.

    2. Fire dept has to have new gear. Why? Standards org IFSTA. Who is on IFSTA? Fire chiefs. What do they want to do? Get new gear (well, have bigger budgets and get more power and get noticed for better jobs).

    So, assuming that NC tables Common Core for a while, it will NOT go away. It will live as long as other education fads (ie, “new math” and open concept schools and year-round schools) last. You haven’t seen the last of these ideas.

    Sorry, know I’m a killjoy here, and I’d love to be wrong, but….


    • The bill calls for a commission to be set up to replace Common Core a chunk at a time. Senator Tillman made a point of saying this was not a re-naming move, but NC taking control of content overall.


      • Michele Castillo says:

        I say . . . it’s a good start. Today got the ball rolling and helps to LEGITIMIZE the public concerns and objections to the Common State Standards (CCSS), and the present and future implications for North Carolina. In the years and months leading up to this day, proponents of CCSS have been splitting hairs, drowning us all in a sea of semantic argument, and pontificating political spin. Furthermore, some of our elected officials have been suggesting to their constituents, who express concerns about CCSS, that their concerns are false, unfounded, and are not true – basically we are all liars. At the very least, today was a victory in VALIDATON!


  24. Tracy Bengtson says:

    Go Team! This is wonderful news and a stunning victory!

    Thanks go to the countless individuals across North Carolina who have worked consistently and tirelessly to educate the public about Common Core, and to help our legislators understand it and do the right thing!

    Special thanks to Rep. Larry Pittman for introducing the bill to end CC, Special thanks to Lt. Governor Dan Forest for drawing attention to the issue. Special thanks to Lindalyn Kakadelis, Terry Stoops, Bob Luebke for educating all of us about Common Core and being our expert resources. Special thanks to Joyce Krawiec and the NC Federation of Republican Women for resolving to end Common Core and mobilizing the grassroots effort to do so,

    Special thanks to parent and blogger extraordinaire Andrea Dillon for her courageous voice and for keeping the issue at the forefront. Special thanks to all the concerned parents, teachers, students and citizens across the state who joined together to make this happen. This is YOUR victory!


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