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Video Of That ‘Non-Partisan Advocate For Clean Elections’

On the 17th, I wrote about Bob Hall of Democracy NC being touted as a ‘Non-Partisan Advocate for Clean Elections’. I included a tweet from Moral Monday held on July 8th in that article.

Now I have the video to go with that quote, courtesy of NC Renegade: Continue reading

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Reverend Barber Engages In #ShutUppery (video)

Around 900 arrests made during Moral Monday to send a message to the GOP at the NCGA, yet when given the chance to engage in dialogue Reverend Barber chooses again for more #ShutUppery.

Read more about #ShutUppery: MoMoMo: The Moral Monday Concert Series

Nice catch here by WatchDogWire NC:

Also on August 20, Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP and a National Board member as well, held a press conference on behalf of King. He calls the challenge to King’s candidacy “a crime against democracy.” He goes on to say, “Let me say we will now take questions, questions from members of the media.”


When Betsy Meads, author of the video, identified herself as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Pasquotank County and a blogger on ElizabethCity.com, Barber motioned that he wanted to go to another question from the audience. Meads was attempting to present information to Barber which shows reasonable people agree that election laws for college student voters need to be adjusted. Continue reading

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Oh, The Drama In Watauga

Well, WRAL has shown itself to be a shining example of media bias yet again with its latest headline: Watauga elections board scrubs meeting minutes. Super professional Laura Leslie reported:

Boone, N.C. — Parts of the minutes of a recent meeting of the Watauga County Board of Elections have been deleted at the request of the chairman, a move that a media attorney says invites legal challenges.

On Aug. 12, the two newly appointed Republican members of the board made big changes to Watauga County’s voting plans with no advance notice.

Over the objections of Kathleen Campbell, the lone Democratic board member, they voted to remove the early voting site on the Appalachian State University campus – about 5,000 voters used that site in 2012 – and consolidate the school’s Election Day precinct into a so-called “super precinct” of 9,000 voters, which is far larger than state law allows.

Luke Eggers, the new chairman of the elections board, said the changes would streamline voting and save money. County elections director Jane Ann Hodges disputed Eggers’ claims.

Oh the poor ‘lone Democrat’. I can almost hear the violins in the distance. Why do you suppose she is the lone Democrat, Laura? The WRAL article went on to champion the ‘lone Democrat’ and included some of Campbell’s theatrics:

“In what ways have you two not violated the open meetings law?” Campbell asked before the revised minutes were approved. “You boys should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Yes, shame on you… WRAL for only reporting one side. Again. Ms. Campbell is the one who should be ashamed of herself:

Unfortunately, there are indications around the state that Democrats are not ready to let go of their power and the old way of doing things. Two recent county board of elections meetings looked more like “Moral” Monday protests than a county board meeting.

The Watauga County Board of Elections meeting took place on August 12, with a newly appointed Republican member. The lone Democratic member, Kathleen Campbell, cursed throughout the meeting and condescendingly called the Republican board members, Bill Aceto and Luke Eggers, “boys”. And just like Mondays at the legislature, the attendees at this meeting screamed and booed and chanted throughout the meeting. – Source: Civitas

I can hear the complaints now. Oh, she’s citing Civitas. Must be a lie because.. Art Pope.. Koch Brothers!!! Sigh.

Well, since WRAL can’t be bothered to show you how it went down, I’ll do it: Continue reading

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NC NAACP Sets Up Voter ID Misinformation Line; NC PolicyWatch Promotes

Foward Together and Not One Step Back!

The NC NAACP has set up a voter ID concern ‘hotline’ to handle calls about the racism voter suppression here in North Carolina contained in HB 589. The NC NAACP’s propaganda and BluePrint NC pals, NC PolicyWatch, were all too happy to promote it:

He also announced along with NAACP attorney Jamie Phillips that the NAACP had established a new toll-free hotline that North Carolinians can call with concerns about voting and voting rights. The number is 1-855-664-3487 (i.e. 1-855-NO ID 4 US). Phillips said the number would be staffed with live NAACP members who would connect callers and/or relay their concerns to voting rights experts.

“Voting rights experts.” Do they mean like Rachel Maddow? Continue reading

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About That Non-Partisan Advocate For Clean Elections…

Have you heard? The NC Voter ID bill (HB 589) is voter suppression! Yeah, ‘suppression’ and/or ‘regressive’ is the new ‘racist’.

Why is it ‘suppression? Because ‘non-partisan advocate for clean elections’ Bob Hall of Democracy NC says so:

Keep reading… Continue reading

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Voter Fraud IS Voter Suppression

Today’s article from WWNC’s Pete Kaliner rebutting Voter ID talking points from Democrats and the Left was a thing of beauty. In a nutshell: Succinct.

It would be hard to pick a favorite part, but this might be it:

CLAIM: “Ok, so there’s ONE case. But it’s not widespread.”

RESPONSE: We actually have no idea how widespread it is. The story I posted above is from October 2012. However, the attempted fraud occurred a year prior. Look how long it took to investigate and prosecute a case involving an elected official in a race decided by three votes. Simply put, resources are not devoted to investigating and prosecuting voter fraud. It’s hard to find what you’re not even looking for.

This is the same argument I made against WRAL and their use of Moral Monday arrestees as proof the crowds were made of in-state residents. We now know that clearly was not the case, but the argument is convenient and tidy. Continue reading

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