Voter Fraud IS Voter Suppression

Today’s article from WWNC’s Pete Kaliner rebutting Voter ID talking points from Democrats and the Left was a thing of beauty. In a nutshell: Succinct.

It would be hard to pick a favorite part, but this might be it:

CLAIM: “Ok, so there’s ONE case. But it’s not widespread.”

RESPONSE: We actually have no idea how widespread it is.  The story I posted above is from October 2012.  However, the attempted fraud occurred a year prior. Look how long it took to investigate and prosecute a case involving an elected official in a race decided by three votes.  Simply put, resources are not devoted to investigating and prosecuting voter fraud. It’s hard to find what you’re not even looking for.

This is the same argument I made against WRAL and their use of Moral Monday arrestees as proof the crowds were made of in-state residents.  We now know that clearly was not the case, but the argument is convenient and tidy.  (Related: Voter ID: Clearly Missing The Point)

Well, there was more than just ONE case here.  Who really knows how many more? We may never know, the media refuses to do the work and instead concentrates on debunking those of us who do.  To date, WRAL nor anyone from Moral Monday has commented on professional protesting agitator, Mr. Carl Gibson:

Of note: Gibson was arrested at Moral Monday in Raleigh, which he bragged about on his Facebook page.

The article also runs James O’Keefe’s video that exposed a few UNC professors encouraging voter fraud, among other things. The Democrats and Left in NC like to pretend that video doesn’t exist.  At any rate, Pete Kaliner’s piece was spot-on. READ THE WHOLE THINGRead HB 589 here.

Next to Kaliner’s article, is Bill Whittle’s Virtual President video on voter fraud. Whittle opens with the case of Melowese Richardson:

The Virtual President concludes his 2013 State of the Union address by showing how voter fraud IS voter suppression, and by calling for a top-to-bottom reform of the US electoral system starting with the argument for Photo ID.


But.. but REGRESSIVE policies!!!

Just for fun, look at how Misfit Politics in Colorado demonstrated just how easy it can be to same-day register without ID. Is this the kind of PROGRESSIVE voting policy the Democrats and Left want to promote here?

Or perhaps they’d like to continue with the completely non-partisan voter registration stalls anyone can run:

Just a few links for thought:

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  2. getoffamycloud says:

    Had to send this to you, from Twitchy. -this-sht-slams-oprah-obama-clintons/ Love of Country • _7 hours ago_ ( * − * Dennis Miller is a national treasure. Oprah? Not so much, anymore. And hey Opie …. before you call that lady in Switzerland a racist in front of God and everyone else in the world (yawn) …. try to get some perspective on her own personal POV. Because if she’s ever turned on MSNBC or CNN then all she ever hears is that black people in America are actually just too broke to receive free photo ID’s in order to cast their vote for their presidential nominee. And so maybe Trudie was just thinking to herself …. “Wow, are these those same folks from America who are actually too broke to get free stuff even when it’s really important to them …. unbelievable!” And so even if your story about what happened over there is true, then who could really blame her reluctance to show you the 38,000 dollar handbag? You can’t have it both ways, Oprah!


  3. How many blacks had to quit smoking due to having to show and ID?


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