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NCNAACP Press Release Details Three Pronged Attack

On January 25th, the NC NAACP released a statement detailing a three-pronged line of attack on political targets. These statements were a re-iteration of a speech Reverend Barber made in a church. The statements even says he “spoke at length” on these topics. At what point in the political pot banging, in a church no less, does this 501(c)3 and its activities merit some scrutiny?

The statement reads like an extension of the Blueprint NC attack memo, only with more specific targets. Here are the three bolded attack items below, the details can be read in the full copy of the statement is here. They can be summarized in one sentence: That’s racist. Continue reading

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Daily Show Helping To Try #VIVA In The Media?

The Liberals in North Carolina have waged a campaign against North Carolina’s voter ID law that has been so full of fail. Their latest complaint is that it makes it burdensome for married women to get ID with their married name on it.. or something. The arguments by Liberals in this state are so bad, they had to call in outside reinforcements – The Daily Show.

Somehow, The Daily Show unearthed a GOP precinct chair gullible enough to go on their show and think he was going to get a fair shake. What resulted was a chop-shop, signature Daily Show “interview’ skit that cast Don Yelton as a giant vote suppressing racist. GO FIGURE.

The Left has no leg to stand on and needs to win this in the court of public opinion. This is just one incident of what we can imagine will be many more to come before the law takes effect in 2016.

Read about it in my Storify Article: Daily Show Helping To Try #VIVA In The Media? Continue reading

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New Bern Recovering After Moral Monday Attack, Film At 11

Moral Monday is sticking around like that smell in the Governor’s mansion. The misinformation on the voter ID law they and certain “professors” are peddling is stinking up the place.
Moral Monday Lays Siege To New Bern

WCTI 12 reports “hundreds” showed up…

KEEP READING Continue reading

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#BlueprintNC Mondays Losing Steam… But Not Caskets?

This was Moral Monday 18. This one was a “Youth” led event complaining about SB 589 also known as VIVA. The turn out was the biggest event ever! About two dozen turned out from the looks of the ABC 11 shot:

#MoralMonday 18 underway at Baptist church on Wilmington #NAACP #ABC11 pic.twitter.com/qzISocX73o

— AngelicaAlvarezABC11 (@AlvarezABC11) September 16, 2013

Protest Fatigue or have they worn out their welcome like Occupy? Maybe both.
I found two live streams of the event and both kept the camera zoomed in on the speaker. When they did pan, all 3 or so dozen people were clapping wildly and I am including the throng around the podium in that assessment. (Stream 1, Stream 2)

By the way, Reverend Barber got up last and went on to talk about the Birmingham bombing. Barber went on to say that the blood of those 4 girls who were murdered in Birmingham 50 years ago was now on the hands of the members of the NCGA, Speaker Tillis and Governor McCrory. Continue reading

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#BluePrintNC Monday Returns – Kids As Props Theme

The NC NAACP’s BlueprintNC Moral Mondays are back!! WOOO! Get ready for more insane rhetoric, vitriol and sermonizing devoid of acts at the NC Legislature! They’ve used women, teachers, the unemployed and Emmett Till to push their crap, now it’s time to get the kids in the act. Tomorrow will be the “Youth-led Moral Monday”. Continue reading

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Calling All Watchdogs: Voter Integrity BootCamp 2013

Voter ID, Voter Fraud, Voter Integrity. These phrases and more like them have been on the lips of most in North Carolina in recent months. The new law, nicknamed VIVA, that requires voters show ID at the polls won’t go into effect until 2016 but we have upcoming elections in 2014. How can we protect our elections during the next election cycle? We get involved.

I’ve done it by writing and taking action. So can you. Learn how!

The Voter Integrity Project has just such a way citizens can get involved in the process. They are holding their first ever Voter Integrity BootCamp on September 14th from 9 am to 5:30 pm in Morrisville, NC. They have Dr. Tim Daughtry, author of Waking the Sleeping Giant, lined up as their keynote speaker. More detailed event information, including ticket purchases can be found on their website.

Press Release via the Voter Integrity Project: Continue reading

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