About That Non-Partisan Advocate For Clean Elections…

Have you heard? The NC Voter ID bill (HB 589) is voter suppression! Yeah, apparently ‘suppression’ and/or ‘regressive’  is the new ‘racist’.  *yawn*

Why is it ‘suppression’? Because ‘non-partisan advocate for clean elections’ Bob Hall of Democracy NC says so:

The same ‘non-partisan advocate for clean elections’ Bob Hall who testified  in front of the NC Carolina General Assembly:

From the video description, emphasis added:

This video captures the moment that I found most revealing. Rep. Deborah Ross, a Democrat, is questioning Bob Hall of Democracy North Carolina, a non-partisan advocate for clean elections.

On March 13, 2013, five experts in the field of voter ID legislation spoke in a hearing before North Carolina lawmakers, less than 24 hours after 70 people spoke out against upcoming legislation intended to require voters to show photo identification before voting (14 people spoke in favor of the law).

The House Elections Committee says it wants to collect as much input as possible before drafting a voter ID bill, which Republican lawmakers are eager to pass.

This video depicts one of the more revealing moments of the expert hearing. Rep. Deborah Ross, a Democrat, is questioning Bob Hall, Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina.


The same NON-PARTISAN Bob Hall of Democracy NC who the NAACP touted at Moral Monday:


Non-Partisan, Mr. Hall?  Really?


Democracy NC has been one of the biggest backers of Moral Monday, even following and sponsoring them in Asheville. Two of Democracy NC’s employees have also been arrested at Moral Monday, Organizing Director Adam Sotak and Development Director Rebecca Carver.  Here’s Mr. Sotak’s mugshot (below) but unfortunately, Ms. Carver’s was not available.

Newsflash: Voter fraud, even one instance, is voter suppression.

Read HB 589 for yourself.

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  1. let me put the unsaid part of the dem claim in there for us: “voter ID bill is voter [fraud] suppression!” did you see this? http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/08/the-dems-rally-their-legions-of-haters-for-2014.php


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