PVC Six Update: Protester Votes In Durham Despite Miami, FL Mailing Address – #ncpol

illegals protest hb318Last week, a group of pro-amnesty protesters peppered with some self-proclaimed illegal immigrants chained themselves together in front of  the Governor’s mansion.

They were protesting HB 318, which blocks North Carolina cities from adopting sanctuary city status.  The Governor signed into law.

They used what looked to be PVC pipe to cover the chains, making it harder for law enforcement to remove them.

One of the protesters arrested was Ivana Gonzalez.

Civitas has pointed out that not only does Ms. Gonzales work directly for far left Blueprint NC, but she apparently gave a Miami addressed to her arresting officer.  What makes that address a big deal is that Ms. Gonzalez voted in an election in Durham this past weekend.

Of the six protesters arrested, four had connections to Blueprint NC. Blueprint NC is the 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that is famous for the Blueprint strategy memo that described the game plan “progressive” groups should use to attack North Carolina’s Republican leaders. The orders to their members were to “eviscerate the leadership” (Gov. McCrory and legislative leaders) and weaken their ability to govern.

One of the protesters, Ivanna Cristina Gonzalez, works directly for Blueprint NC as its Project Coordinator. Upon being arrested, she gave a Miami, Florida address to the Wake County Magistrate and it appears on the magistrate’s order. The same Miami address appears on the Appearance Bond for Pretrial Release form. The catch – Ms. Gonzalez voted on Saturday in a Durham County early voting site using a Durham County address. North Carolina’s election law requires that a voter must reside in North Carolina in order to vote in North Carolina. – Civitas

Oh my. That is a no-no.   The voter look up record shows she used an absentee ballot. Good, a paper trail — should be easy enough to challenge.

Will the NC Board of Elections be investigating? Surely there is cause to take a look at Ms. Gonzalez’s voting status in our state?

How about Roy Cooper?  Someone should ask Attorney General Candidate Josh Stein about what he would do.  Remember, Stein’s sister sits on the Blueprint NC board.

Update: Ivanna’s LinkedIn profile

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