Progress NC Comms Director Takes NC Education False Narratives To HuffPo

One has to laugh at the lengths at which Progress NC will go to in order promulgate their false education narratives.

Latest example, Logan Smith’s first article at Huffington Post.  Smith is the Communications Director for Progress NC…among other things, none of which is having an iota of experience or knowledge in the realm of education.

There are so many holes in his poorly researched and sourced article, it’s hard to know where to start, but I’ll try.

One might ask after reading it, ‘Did I stumble into VOX by accident?‘.

The title itself is wrong. There is no ‘mass exodus’. In fact, North Carolina is importing more teachers than exporting and Dr. Terry Stoops has the numbers to prove that:

Between 2010 and 2014, 8,500 out-of-state teachers received North Carolina teaching licenses (via interstate reciprocity agreements) and were employed as classroom teachers the following school year. During the same period, around 2,200 teachers abandoned North Carolina to teach in other states. It is not known how many teachers eventually made their way back to the state, but the phenomenon is not unheard of.

Moreover, despite a slight dip in 2014, the number of licenses granted to out-of-state teachers has been on the rise in recent years. Overall, there was a 68 percent increase in the number of out-of-state licenses granted between 2010 and 2014.

The turnover rate Smith cites includes teachers who stayed in the state to teach at another school or retired with full benefits. Adjusting for 28 possible factors, the true turnover was 6.8% — well below the national average.

NC’s figures also show that only 1,028 left the state to teach elsewhere, out of the 14,255 in the turnover report. Some perspective: there are over 95,000 teachers in the state.

WalletHub’s numbers are not accurate and their methodology, to be kind, is vague.  They won’t publish their formulas and based on what data they did send me, their math doesn’t add up. At all.

In case you missed it, the Lt. Governor of North Carolina put out a video that tells the true story. The key take-aways from the video are:

  • The true turnover rate is not 14.8%, but 6.8%.
  • Of that media reported 14.8%, 4.7% “left” to teach in another North Carolina school.
  • 2.3% retired with full benefits, meaning they were of age or had enough time in the system to do so.
  • 1% did not have contracts renewed.
  • Only 1,028 teachers actually left to teach in other states. That’s out of over 96,000 teachers, or around 1%.
  • The video cites the NEA’s own statistics, which says that North Carolina is far below the average national teacher turnover rate.
  • The Lt. Governor also addresses the narrative that teachers are leaving for Texas. Teachers in the state of Texas are leaving at a rate of 19%.

Narrative keanuBut none of this matters to Progress NC. They concern themselves more with hyperbolic and politically driven narratives than with facts.

Next time you see one of their mouthpieces like Mr. Smith, ask yourself — what solutions have they offered? Expect crickets.

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