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BluePrint NC Parent Organization Fundraising Off HB 2 – #ncpol

This is not an April  Fool’s Day post. Never let a good manufactured crisis go to waste. Or as BluePrint NC puts it: Cripple, Eviscerate, Pressure, Slam. The NC Justice Center, which is the parent organization for BluePrint NC, is fundraising off … Continue reading

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Rep. Glazier Resigns, Heads to #BlueprintNC’s Parent Organization – #NCGA

Back in June, Rep. Glazier tweeted that he was headed to NC Justice Center.

It took a few months, but seven term NC representative, Democrat Rick Glazier, has resigned as of August 28th.

Gee, just in time to skip out on the budget negotiations. Lucky him.

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A Free Press Is Essential To Liberty

Without argument, a free press is essential to maintaining liberty and democracy. It’s so important, it is included in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
A free press should also be a transparent and honest press.

Yesterday, a Policy Watch reporter was escorted out of the annual NCBCE meeting. An invitation went out, citing ‘credentialed’ press only.

Local media, News and Observer, reported on the turn of events, however, had a few glaring omissions in their article.

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NC Supreme Court To Hear Opportunity Scholarships Case on 2/17

According to the NC Supreme Court’s docket list, the Opportunity Scholarships case is slated for Tuesday, February 17th. The Opportunity Scholarships are for low-income children and the vast majority of those who applied are minority students. Continue reading

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Hagan’s #DarkMoney Gets It Wrong On NC Tax Claim

Terry Stoops observes that Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC has earned “Three Pinocchios” from the Washington Post and takes a stab at the math done by the Left in NC, “Don’t quote me on this, but I think the Left is using Common Core math.”

Snippet from the WaPo piece below. Note the NC Justice Center (founder of BlueprintNC famous for their attack memo) is named as the source for this false claim: Continue reading

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