NCNAACP Press Release Details Three Pronged Attack

On January 25th, the NC NAACP released a statement detailing a three-pronged line of attack on political targets. These statements were a re-iteration of a speech Reverend Barber made in a church – Abundant Life Church of God in Christ & Life Center. The statements even says he “spoke at length” on these topics. At what point in the political pot banging, in a church no less, does this 501(c)3 and its activities merit some scrutiny?

The statement reads like an extension of the Blueprint NC attack memo, only with more specific targets. Here are the three bolded attack items below, the details can be read in the full copy of the statement is here. They can be summarized in one sentence: That’s racist.

1.  Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) has continuously denied attempts to hold a vote on the candidacy of judicial nominee Ms. Jennifer May-Parker for the open U.S.District Court seat in Eastern North Carolina.

2. The 12th congressional district seat is also vacant and will have remained vacant for over 300 days if Gov. Pat McCrory is able to delay the special election until Nov. 4, 2014.

3. And statewide, the NC NAACP is pushing forward with its challenge to the voter suppression bill passed by the Far-Right extremists in the General Assembly in 2013 -a law that has been described as the worst in the nation and stands as the most significant rollback of voter protections since Jim Crow.

1. Jennifer May-Parker. Read her Judgepedia profile. Burr nominated her yet now is blocking her. Perhaps information has come to light that changed his mind, who knows. What is clear is he should make it clear to his constituents why he changed his mind. The move by Harry Reid in going the Nuclear Option route may have a lot to do with it. It’s no secret Obama is trying to pack the courts with as many liberal, activist type judges as he can, May-Parker looks to fit that bill:

Wes Camden, a partner with Brooks Pierce in Raleigh who clerked in the U.S. Attorney’s office under May-Parker while still in law school and later served alongside her as a prosecutor, described her as “zealous.”

“Prosecutors – I don’t think they mind being referred to that way,” Camden said. “She is a passionate advocate.” – TBJ

Passionate advocate. For what exactly?

The vacancy she’s up for is the Eastern district I believe. Per usual, Reverend Barber thinks it’s racist, “North Carolina should really be offended that the federal Eastern District of North Carolina looks like the civil rights movement never took place,” Barber said.   That seat has been vacant for almost 8 years. Only in the last few years has the NC NAACP seemingly cared because now it fits their agenda to attack the Republicans now in power.

2. Holding a stand alone, special election for the 12th seat will cost the NC taxpayers around a $1 million dollars and the earliest the election could be held is September 16th. Would the NC NAACP like to foot the whole bill? I’m sure the taxpayers don’t wish to. The  special vote will follow the state’s primary date of May 6th and election of November 4th. What will happen is the voters in the 12th district get to pick the replacement at election time that will serve the remainder of 2014. They also get to vote on the next term starting in 2015. So the 12th voters get two votes. Related Reads: Article 2, specifically 163-13 Filling vacancy in United States House of Representatives.

The NC NAACP is pretty mad the Governor has decided to put this off and are threatening to sue like they always do.  So are 11 Democrats lined up to run for the seat. In fact, only Democrats are running for the seat. With Mel Watt being plucked to run the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Democrats are falling all over themselves to take his seat.  It’s not like the 12th district is shut down until the election, the former staff for Watt still exists and continues to operate, but they do have a limited range of services they can provide and it is true there is no voting representation during the vacancy.

Fun Fact: the 12th district is also one of the districts gerrymandered by the Democrats that was redrawn several times until it didn’t violate the equal protection clause. Read Hunt v. Comartie.

3. Jim Crow. Voter  Suppression. Because ID is racist or something. Even though you can get ID free from the DMV in North Carolina and you won’t need it until 2016. Just call the NC NAACP “voter hotline” and get a dose of the rhetoric for yourself. Voter ID is still very popular in North Carolina, the NC NAACP and their Blueprint NC pals know this, so it’s label, slam, cripple, eviscerate… you know the drill. What these groups like to ignore is that the Democrats lost power before VIVA and in a big way – both houses flipped, Lt. Gov and Governor.  Related Reads: Voter Fraud IS Voter Suppression. Also, About that Non-Partisan Advocate for Clean Elections…

Flashback: Non-Partisan Voter Registration

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