New Bern Recovering After Moral Monday Attack, Film At 11

Moral Monday is sticking around like that smell in the Governor’s mansion.  The misinformation on the voter ID law they and certain “professors” are peddling is stinking up the place.

Moral Monday Lays Siege To New Bern

WCTI 12 reports “hundreds” showed up:


The NAACP Moral Monday protests made their way to Eastern North Carolina on Monday afternoon.

More than 200 people gathered in Kafer Park in New Bern. This protest is the 20th NAACP protest this year. Concerned citizens discussed issues such as the state’s new voting law, as well as Medicaid and cuts to education.

The protest is in response to the Justice Department’s lawsuit against the North Carolina voter I.D. law. The suit challenges four parts of the law and asks a court to require pre-approval for certain voting law changes.

This is what “hundreds”, specifically “over 200” looks like according to the Sun Journal:

About 200 people took part in a ‘Moral Monday’ protest in New Bern at Kafer Park on George Street. The event featured speakers on several issues, including the environment and health care. Chuck Beckley/Sun Journal

Math is hard.

Yawn. I’ve already taken a shot at the NC NAACP’s lies and spin on VIVA and on education, but Barber wants to use all the bullets, remember:

“We’re not gonna just shoot one bullet, we’re gonna shoot ‘em all.”

Voter ID is very popular among voters in North Carolina and it is for that reason you are seeing attacks on the other portions of the law.  Democrats do not want voter ID in this state because it represents a path to fair and clean elections. The ‘burden’ of obtaining a valid ID for NC elections is never backed up by any significant proof. Even if there was some, doesn’t it follow that the best way to help these folks wandering around the modern-day world without an ID would be to help them get one? Geez, making someone a functioning member of society is just horrible.

For those still in doubt about the Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA), here’s a few more facts to dispel the NC NAACP’s overly dramatic “suppressive” and “regressive” talking points: Viva la VIVA

Some highlights:

  • Between 2008 and 2012, nearly 500 cases of voter fraud were referred for criminal prosecution in North Carolina
  • Only 10 states offer same-day registration.
  • There is overwhelming support in NC for voter ID – over 70% overall approval of Voter ID in NC in all the most recent polls.
  • We have no tools to detect fraud, so claims there isn’t any fraud really are a bit silly.
  • Thirty-three other states have passed laws that require identification to vote, and legislation is pending in a total of 30 other states, including new voter ID proposals in twelve.
  • You can get a free, valid ID before the law takes effect two years from now in 2016.


Back To The Moral Monday Siege At New Bern

Also, pay attention to Kever Clark, quoted by WCTI 12:

Kever Clark said she attended the protest to take a stand against education cuts. Clark said she taught in several Onslow County schools for more than 33 years. She said she believes all children deserve a chance at a good education.

“The teachers in our state are hurting, the children in our state are hurting,” Clark said.

Carolina Plott Hound noted that the media has fallen down on the job again:

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Here’s a few more:

Formerly a school-teacher, Mrs. Clark was also the chair of the Onlsow County Political Action Group in the 1970’s. She is a lifelong Democrat.

Clark was elected to the Onslow Democrat Party leadership team in 2007.

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