Did Wake Commissioner Candidate Move Just To Be In Specific District?

As I wrote yesterday, the NC Democrat candidates for Wake County Commissioner are unraveling.

It appear that “More with Four” candidate Jessica Holmes likes to house hop… right into a specific district before an election.

Holmes has lived at least three places since moving to Wake County in 2012:

  • 5304 Underwood Arbor Pl., Cary (apartment)
  • 1322 Renshaw Ct., Cary (Condominium)
  • 301 Dove Cottage Ln., Cary (Townhouse)

Holmes purchased the Renshaw Court address on March 25, 2013.
She lived there until Jan. 17, 2014.
Both the Underwood and Renshaw addresses are in Commission District 4, represented by Democrat Caroline Sullivan.

Holmes then moved to Dove Cottage, inside the 3rd District, on Jan. 17, 2014- just one month before filing for office.

It begs the question: did she move just to get into the right district?
The records lend themselves to that interpretation. This is a stark contract between her and her long time Cary resident opponent, Rich Gianni.

It also appears her statement of organization filing was done on Christmas eve 2013, when Holmes was still living in District 4.

Holmes official candidacy form was filled out on Feb. 20, which means she lived in the 3rd district for 1 month and 3 days before filing to run there.  Not what one would call a native of the district.

It is also worth noting that Holmes has only been registered to vote in Wake County for TWO years (Sept. 5, 2012). Before that, Holmes was registered in Pender County.

She’s only voted in one primary; this past one.

For more details with screenshot documentation of all I’ve stated above, click here.

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