All Dem Wake Cty Commission Picks ‘Leadership’

MoreWithFourNotOneCentBackWBOC14The all Democrat Wake County Board of Commissioners picked their ‘leadership’.

James West will be the chair and Carolina Sullivan vice chair.


You can read more about it at WRAL, including the comments of newly added Moral Monday candidates; the foursome is otherwise known as “More With Four“.

John Burns notes half of the voters don’t like him.
No kidding. Folks who read my reports on this foursome and on Burns and his support of doxing know why.

This excerpt makes me chuckle. Emphasis added:

In an interview Sunday, Hutchinson said the board would focus on two key issues.

“We heard the voters in November and what they said is they want to move forward on public education, start working with school board,” he said. “They want to move forward on transit.”

Forward, Together! Not One Cent Back!

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