Wake Cty Hires 8 New Principals

News and Observer is reporting the hiring (or shifting around of) of 8 new principals in Wake county. Four are interim appointments.

Salaries are listed for some of the hires:

  • Ritchie “Malik” Bazzell – $97,656
  • Robert james – $75,395
  • Elizabeth MacWilliams – $81,065
  • Nikia Davis – $88,763
  • Jessica Burroughs – $81,316
  • Danielle Clark – $71,346
  • Richard Williams – $81,592
  • Lacey Peckham – $80,800

Meanwhile, the original $1.7 billion dollar proposed Wake county schools budget was passed by the Wake County Commissioners at a lower total of $1.1 billion.

Property taxes in Wake County are going up under a budget adopted Monday by the county’s Board of Commissioners.
The board voted 5-2 in favor of the $1.1 billion budget, which includes a 6.3 percent property tax increase.

The increase adds 3.65 cents per $100 in property valuation to the property taxes paid by county homeowners. The increase will see taxes go from 57.8 cents per $100 in property value in FY2015 to 61.45 cents in FY2016.

The increase is expected to raise $45.8 million in revenue.
The property tax increase was larger than what was originally proposed in by County Manager Jim Hartmann.

Chairman James West favored the smaller proposal, which would have raised taxes by 2.9 cents per $100 in property valuation.

Wake county residents can expect their taxes to go up…as I said they would when the 4 new Wake County Commissioners were elected.


*This article has been updated

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