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@WRAL Beclowns Itself In Debunk Attempt of #MoralMonday Attendance

WRAL is nearly falling over itself to rush to the aid of the NAACP and Moral Mondays:

Of the 388 people who have been arrested over those six weeks, arrest records indicate only eight – or 2 percent – are from out of state. While not all who come to the rallies get arrested, the records provide the best verifiable snapshot into the makeup of the protesters. (link)

Wow WRAL. Hacktastic! By their logic, because only two people from out of state were arrested at the June 3rd event, it then follows no significant number of out of state people were possibly there. That giant jump in attendance from a few hundred to over 1,000 was just momentum…after being off for two weeks. Right, sure.

Except it wasn’t. Continue reading

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#MoralMondays: June 10 Edition

Well, this week was no “MEGA” Moral Monday, but it did indeed go on. Hundreds even showed up. That kind of deflation back to real numbers is what happens when the SEIU buses leave town and take their astroturf with them. Now protesters had to bus themselves in and that ended up not working out so great as Sister Toldjah notes:


Occupy Raleigh was there taking live video. They really want you to go look at it or something.

The desperation is really starting to take its toll. The most prominent sign on Twitter was attacking the ‘Eeeeeevil Koch Brothers’. Muahahahahaa!!!! Really people? Get some new material or stick to your original gripes. This is embarrassing:

Yawn. Oh and not to be outdone, there was foot stomping and finger wagging over the also eeeeevil Art Pope, Super-Villain at large:

Ah yes, the “villain”. #Yawn MT @Xavier_onassis: @NCCivitas Bet they represent more of us than Art Pope and Civitas do.#MoralMonday

— LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) June 10, 2013

The typical chants were employed. God they get old fast:

What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? NOW!!! #moralmondays#NCpic.twitter.com/KGr4LWDCEL

— Occupy Astoria LIC (@OccupyAstoriaLI) June 10, 2013

Here’s your obligatory stress relief moment after viewing that hot mess:


Oh alright, Fine. I’ll cut to the arrests. That’s what you’re likely here for anyway. The claim is it was 60 this time. Oh wait, sorry “More than 60” this time. Boy were the crowds happy to see them go! They even chanted “Thank you!”

First busload of arrestees pulls away. Crowd is chanting “thank you” #moralmondays @NAACP pic.twitter.com/bsmvXLftwc

— Jennifer W Roberts (@JenRobertsNC) June 10, 2013

Oh wait.. they were thanking the pawns for getting arrested.
The mugshots and records are not up yet on the Wake county site, but I’ll be sure to post them all tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Continue reading

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#MoralMondays: The SEIU Factor

This morning I was reviewing the arrest reports from the June 3rd meltdown and came across two out of towners in the arrest list. These two hail from NYC. Quite a long way away from home.

Interesting to note the out of town union factor:

Estela Vasquez — She’s from NYC, NY and employer is LABOR UNION. (Update: The Link to Wake Cty Sheriff report no longer works. Screenshot here.) Specifically the SEIU 1199. She’s tied to healthcare as the Executive Director of United Healthcare Workers East. Estela is a fan of Occupy:

Estela Vasquez, Exec VP 1199 SEIU #J15 #OWS #OccupyTheDream twitpic.com/87tnp0

— Liza Sabater (@blogdiva) January 16, 2012

Continue reading

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#MoralMondays: Those who want to be arrested attend a ‘meeting’.

Sometimes Twitter is a useful tool. Apparently, those who want to be arrested attend a meeting to coordinate doing so. After, the NAACP and their lawyers take care of them. Meanwhile, the taxpayers take care of the overtime police and court costs.

Two part tweet. Part One:

I’m glad she told me who ‘decides’, but I already found them all. Poor dear also thought their brave Leader Reverend Barber was on the list. I didn’t find evidence of that. Maybe she meant in the earlier non-mega moral Mondays. You know, the ones that weren’t astroturfed by out of state SEIU folks.

Part Two:

Sigh. She needs trolling classes. I had been telling her no one got arrested that didn’t want to be and she refused to address it until this tweet. Thanks!

So then, is this the NAACP and their lawyers baked goods table?

A ‘waiting party’ at the jail for arrested protestors, they have a table set up with goodies #MoralMondays #ABC11 twitter.com/AlvarezABC11/s…

— AngelicaAlvarezABC11 (@AlvarezABC11) June 4, 2013

We’re being told the protests are all about making the legislature ‘hear them’. O.k., so it looks like Angela Bryant is listening:

Senator Angela Bryant talks about the state of NC and #moralmondays with the 2013 ENC corps twitter.com/TFA_ENC/status… — TFA Eastern NC (@TFA_ENC) June 7, 2013

Cue more media attention from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry:

Today on @mhpshow we discussed Moral Mondays: the grassroots NC movement against Republican extremism on.msnbc.com/13sovHp

— Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) June 9, 2013

She’s sort of the the Natasha Lennard of the Moral Mondays movement but using the Dylan Ratigan approach. These protests are not using any new tricks. We’ve seen the arrest tactics to garner media attention in civil disobedience before, most memorably during Occupy and the Wisconsin capital protests. Hey, speaking of Wisconsin, I spotted this picture on Twitter of Moral Monday inside the NCGA by @AriBerman:

They get a few more union outfits to bus in folks and it might look like Wisconsin:

Image via Frugal Cafe

Let’s hope it doesn’t look like the end result in Wisconsin:

Image via Idea Stream

Again, I maintain this is not about any one topic or issue the legislature is dealing with no matter what these people say. This is about the Democrats losing control of the NC General Assembly and the Left having a hissy. This is about the 2014 elections. Period. Continue reading

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#MeltDownMonday – Wake County Dems Praise Protests

This past Monday saw another round of arrests at “Moral Mondays” in front of the NCGA. The Left is very upset their decades of rule have come to an end. The voters of the state overwhelmingly voted them out, flipping over 28 seats to do it. That’s a pretty powerful statement about how people felt the Democrats were running things in North Carolina. With the repeal of Obamacare gaining more traction, the Democrats are panicking they will be shut out in 2014 too. Cue the protests about social issues and ‘regressive’ agendas. Continue reading

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#MeltdownMonday – June 3rd Edition Arrests

Yesterday was the 4th installment of “Moral Mondays” organized by the NAACP in front of the NC General Assembly. I’ve retitled them Meltdown Mondays, which is exactly what they are. No costumes this time, but I have high hopes for the next one. Highlights included Melissa Harris Perry showing up in order to apply her own brand of creepy shame, a couple of social justice speeches, chanting, singing and of course, more arrests. Without arrests and a big hoopla surrounding it, the media and people get bored and tune out. This is how Occupy did it, but they eventually wore out their welcome and people’s patience. ABC11 hits the nail on the head in the middle of their report:

Protesters have been seeking to call attention to the rightward shift of the state legislature, which was dominated for decades by moderate Democrats.

Yep. Elections have consequences.
“Mega Moral Monday”

The turnout was larger than last time, even with a week off, police said 1,000 and protesters said 1,600. Usually a break like that kills momentum and crowds are smaller, so what gives? What gives is the various Lefty organizations coordinating behind the scenes to pump up the numbers. Via watching the streaming online video, watching Twitter and noting the signage, the following groups were there:

Occupy Raleigh
NC Student Power Union
Occupy NCSU
Planned Parenthood
NC Justice Center

That probably isn’t all of them either. I added SEIU to the list since they clearly where there (ABC11), emphasis added: Continue reading

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