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SHOCKER: Arrests At Moral Monday – #hb2

You guys, there were arrests at a Moral Monday protest. I know, you’re all just shocked.

How was yesterday any different from any other Moral Monday? Hint: It wasn’t. Continue reading

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Of Course There Were Arrests, That’s How Moral Monday Rolls.

Yesterday there was a rally in support of HB 2 and a series of Moral Monday orchestrated protests, which of course ended up in arrests because that’s how Moral Monday rolls.

The Moral Monday orchestrated ‘volunteering’ to be arrested for a pre-planned civil disobedience event really and truly is getting old. But it’s all they’ve got in their short stack of tricks. Continue reading

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Moral Monday Arrestee and US Uncut Activist Arrested In NH On Voter Suppression Charge

In 2013, Moral Monday was in its early protest stages and was trying to spread out into other states. At that time, I reported on a group in Illinois that was using the Moral Monday theme to protest ALEC. They called themselves the Moral Monday Coalition.

Well, this Moral Monday Coalition indeed were arrested during this protest. One member of that coalition was Carl Robert Gibson, who was dumb enough to record his ride in the police transport and post it on Twitter.

In 2013, Gibson, who originally hails from Wisconsin, was arrested at Moral Monday in North Carolina. Remember him?


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Moral Monday On A Wednesday – Again. Six Arrests – See Who They Are.

Moral Monday held another protest… on a Wednesday. Six were arrested. We’ll get to them, but first it appears that Occupy-fatigue syndrome is setting in – at least for the press.

The Associated Press put up a whole five sentences this time. Continue reading

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10 Arrests At Moral Monday On 6/17/15 – See Who They Are (Updated)

There were ten Moral Monday performers arrested this past Wednesday in the legislature building. Wednesday seems to be their new day, eh?

The only person getting press for being arrested is Reverend Barber. That hardly seemed fair to me, so here are the rest of them. Continue reading

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