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Mitchell Campaign: “Don’t be a chump!”

The Mitchell campaign has a video out telling voters “Don’t be a chump!”. Its really rather well done and quite powerful.  The video takes aim at Democrats and their attempts to hide their past racism. As Mitchell is running against … Continue reading

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“We Don’t Need Last Minute Change”

Stop me if you’ve heard this line recently:

“They do not need a last-minute change. They do not need chaos in the classroom.”

Sounds like the NC Chamber of Commerce or perhaps Senator Stein or Rep. Brandon complaining about dropping the Common Core? Maybe Dr. Atkinson?

It’s none of them, although any one of them has said something similar in the last few weeks. No, this quote comes from Louisiana’s state superintendent. Continue reading

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About that Common Core Survey @NCAE’s Jewell Touted…

At the Senate Education Committee hearing on Wednesday, NCAE’s Mark Jewell leapt up with prepared remarks when the surprise opportunity for public comment was given.

Jewell presented his case backed by an ‘independent’ survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. That survey is many months old and I didn’t catch the full name at the time I was listening to the audio or I would have posted this earlier. I reached out to the NCAE on Twitter and asked for the poll link and methodology. They did not reply. Perhaps I should have hashtagged it “#TeacherPay.

@NCAE’s Mark Jewell: You said you had a study that said teachers love #CommonCore. Share it with the public – including the metholdology.

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 5, 2014

At any rate, I wasn’t going to wait around for the NCAE to respond. They won’t, so I am debunking it here. I hope the NC General Assembly members see this and understand the are being misled by Mr. Jewell and anyone else pushing this survey.. cough.. Senator Stein.. cough…. Continue reading

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#NCGA Rep. Glazier Clueless On Common Core

We’ve got another Common Core “politicizing” alert coming out of another legislators at the NC General Assembly. This time it’s Democrat Rep. Rick Glazier:
“If the bill is really to revoke the standards and replace them with North Carolina standards, that would be extremely destructive and very destabilizing,” said state Rep. Rick Glazier, a Democrat from Fayetteville and a former Cumberland County school board member. “But if all that’s happening is the (GOP) majority is patting the base on the head and just changing the name, then it’s a pretty fraudulent bill that won’t do much harm.”

But that still would be bad, he said, “because it sends a lack-of-stability message through a system that’s already struggling with upheaval.” – FayObserver 5/24/14

Exactly how would it be “extremely destructive and very destabilizing” to remove the fundamentally flawed and experimental standards from our schools, Mr. Glazier? I think Mr. Glazier is listening more to the money from the Chamber of Commerce than he is to the reality about Common Core.

Gene Arnold Common Core NCSPIN Quote

To make a statement like that, it would require that Rep. Glazier is willfully politicizing this topic or that he lacks any real knowledge about Common Core. Tell me, who spoon-fed that talking point to you, because it’s very similar to ones we’ve heard from Rep. Marcus Brandon, Rep.Tricia Cotham and Sen. Josh Stein. Let’s not forget the NC Chamber of Commerce and The Raleigh Chamber either.

Reminder: Senators Stein implies you are racist if you oppose Common Core. Continue reading

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An NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Event – PT4 AUDIO

In the final installment of this series on the Common Core propaganda forum held by the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, we have audio from the meeting courtesy of Kim Fink of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association. If you’re just tuning in, here is part one, two and three.
Mrs. Fink has been very engaged in the Common Core debate in North Carolina and the CCTA has been an invaluable resource on the issue. She and her husband were in attendance and have sent this audio to me. This audio supports all the previous installments in this series. I thank her for attending and for making this audio available to all who were unable to attend.

The audio is a little bit below the speaker list. I’ve got some notes underneath it, please give them a look as some of them should raise red flags. Read up on the real facts before listening. Speakers list per the GRCC site is below. Muriel Summers was a no-show. Continue reading

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An NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Event – PT 3

This is the third installment delving into the Common Core propaganda event held by the Raleigh Chamber. Remember, the NC Chamber corrected me — it’s the Raleigh chamber, not the NC Chamber. Right, whatever. The whole lot of them are pushing Common Core. Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.

Here is Part One and Two. This is part three and I still have more coming. In part three, we look at the report from another attendee, Anthony Bruno. Mr. Bruno has been very engaged in the Common Core debate going on in NC. He attended the forum and the highlights of his letter below include Senator Stein and other panel members politicizing the topic. Stein went as far as say people who don’t like Common Core just don’t like Obama. WOW.

During the first panel Sen. Josh Stein took the occasion to mention he had been told people are against it only because President Obama is for it.

Politicizing. I told you, it’s the new attack line and the only ones politicizing are Pro-Core people like Senator Stein. His colleagues like Rep. Cotham, Rep. Brandon and Sen. Parmon all have used this same theme. Even McCrory’s Democrat Education advisor has used it: Continue reading

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NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Forum – PT 1

Yesterday in Raleigh, the NC Chamber continued to wage war on the opponents to Common Core by holding a forum at Marbles Kids Museum. At this forum, speakers and guests included far Left leaning NC state Senator Stein, the COO of Achieve, Inc. and a few teachers who made some rather unsettling claims about the Common Core. Several people from SAS were there, of course. Remember, SAS has a ton of money to gain from Common Core, yet their own Cary Academy doesn’t use it. Hypocrisy anyone? The only opposition was our Lt. Governor, Dan Forest. Good for him for getting there and representing the will of the people.

Please note, this is part one of two on this event. I have more coming.

Politicizing by an NC Senator, propaganda from Achieve Inc. and the Wake County Teacher of the Year who claims she is a better teacher because of a set of standards. GOOD TIMES. Read more and see the tweets from the event… Continue reading

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