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NC Attorney General Race: The Blueprint NC Candidate – #ncpol

NC General Assembly Senator Josh Stein has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the NC Attorney General race. This announcement is, without argument, anti-climactic.

Stein is the Blueprint NC candidate and has been a very vocal supporter of Blueprint NC attack tactics such as Moral Monday. Continue reading

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Running for Office or Running Away – #ncpol

Who is running and who isn’t?
The N&O wants to make sure you know the name Josh Stein.
Voters should know the name BlueprintNC and follow Stein’s money.

KEEP READING … NC Superintendent and CCSSO President, Dr. Atkinson doesn’t get off the hook here… Continue reading

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Project Veritas In NC Leads to Investigation by State Board Of Elections

Another shoe did indeed drop. Porject Veritas and James O’Keefe swept into North Carolina and uncovered multiple campaign workers encouraging illegal immigrants to vote for Kay Hagan. This activity has prompted an investigation by the NC State board of elections

Congrats to @JamesOKeefeIII for triggering NC SBoE probe: http://t.co/BgRSjI1yMM #ncpol @LadyLiberty1885 @sistertoldjah #tcot

— Voter Integrity (@VoteChecker) November 2, 2014

For several years now, the Voter Integrity Project in North Carolina has been doing the heavy lifting of identifying people who should not be on North Carolina’s voter roles. VIP has even developed a tool citizens can use to see if a ‘phantom voter’ lives at their address.

KEEP READING — See Molotov Mitchell running for #NC16 find a Phantom voter at his address – NCNAACP breaking law with voter guides? Continue reading

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Campaign Signs In #NC16 Swiped

Yesterday I received word of Republican candidate signs for the Wake County Commissioners race being swiped.

Today, I was sent a note from NC16, where Molotov Mitchel is taking on Senator Josh Stein. A banner of Mitchell’s was allegedly stolen off a fence somewhere in District 16. See the email snippet at the bottom of the article.

Frankly, in NC 16 there should be no contest here.

Senator Stein has made his support of the deeply flawed and experimental Common Core crystal clear over the last year. He ignored the testimony of over 40 parents and educators and instead, ran with the prepared talking points from the Chamber of Commerce.

Parents should know I’ve witnessed first hand that Stein no interest in your children or high standards, he’s more concerned with smooth talking points — oh, and implying you’re a racist if you don’t support Common Core. Flashback to May, 2014:


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Mitchell Campaign: “Don’t be a chump!”

The Mitchell campaign has a video out telling voters “Don’t be a chump!”. Its really rather well done and quite powerful.  The video takes aim at Democrats and their attempts to hide their past racism. As Mitchell is running against … Continue reading

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