Campaign Signs In #NC16 Swiped

Yesterday I received word of Republican candidate signs for the Wake County Commissioners race being swiped.

Today, I was sent a note from NC16, where Molotov Mitchel is taking on Senator Josh Stein. A banner of Mitchell’s was allegedly stolen off a fence somewhere in District 16. See the email snippet at the bottom of the article.

Frankly, in NC 16 there should be no contest here.

Senator Stein has made his support of the deeply flawed and experimental Common Core crystal clear over the last year. He ignored the testimony of over 40 parents and educators and instead, ran with the prepared talking points from the Chamber of Commerce.

Parents should know I’ve witnessed first hand that Stein no interest in your children or high standards, he’s more concerned with smooth talking points — oh, and implying you’re a racist if you don’t support Common Core.  Flashback to May, 2014:

“During the first panel Sen. Josh Stein took the occasion to mention he had been told people are against it only because President Obama is for it.” – Statement made by Senator Stein at the May 21, Raleigh Chamber Common Core Forum as reported by Anthony Bruno and Felice Pete.

Any elected official supporting the Common Core should be shown the door. Period.

It is also worth noting Stein repeats the widely debunked ‘$500 million’ in cuts to education in his Chamber of Commerce questionnaire. Well of course he did, he’s towing the Moral Monday/Blueprint NC line there. For those unfamiliar with Blueprint NC, start reading here.  Fun Fact: Senator Stein’s sister sits on the board of Blueprint NC.


Go donate to Molotov Mitchell’s campaign.


Snippet from the email:

Support the Mitchell Campaign


With Friends Like These…
…who need enemies? So, one of our supporters who had put up a Molotov Mitchell campaign banner on their fence had the sign stolen yesterday. Surely, some overzealous supporters of our opponent. Our friends will be replacing their banner. This time with 24 Hour surveillance.
And we thought good fences made good neighbors.
So, the opponent doesn’t go to public forums, refuses to debate, plans to run for another office and ditch his constituents. And now this.
District 16, are you tired of this yet? I know I am and that is why I’m running to win and represent you in January.

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