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Common Core Update: Seven Years Later, Failure Confirmed

What has seven years of Common Core done to our nation’s schools and students? A new report says it’s had “significantly negative effects.”   Continue reading

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Gates Foundation Props Up Common Core Testing Consortia

The two testing consortia associated with Common Core are still alive in part thanks to new management and a huge grant from Common Core’s largest funder, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Continue reading

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Did You Know Bill Gates Paid A Firm To Help Write NC’s Race To The Top grant?

Johnson should ask Dr. Atkinson why she allowed an out-of-state, multi-billion dollar consulting outfit which was “supported” by the Bill Gates Foundation to guide the writing of the NC Race To The Top application? Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: Capitalist Bill Gates: Socialism Will Save Us!

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column:

Capitalist Bill Gates: Socialism Will Save Us! Continue reading

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You can’t swing a dead cat these days without hitting a Bill Gates non-profit

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Bill Gates non-profit…
…Or a former NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) employee working for a Bill Gates backed non-profit. Continue reading

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Another House In the Common Core Potemkin Village: Hope Street Group

Over the course of the last three and a half years, I’ve come across more ‘education non-profits’ tied to Common Core than one can imagine. This sea of non-profit organizations all seem to have their roots in a core set of financial backers : Gates, Hewlitt, Walton, Lumina, Carnegie and many more.

A potemkin village of support for Common Core has been erected using this sea of non-profits as education reform astroturf. The Common Core Potemkin Village has a McMansion I missed previously.

This McMansion is Hope Street Group and they’ve recently invaded North Carolina… all with the Blessing of CCSSO President and NC Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson. The NCAE is also falling over themselves to welcome this group…


Continue reading

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Down The Digital Learning Rabbit Hole – PT 3

Technology is not going away nor should it. Digital Learning is coming to states everywhere, including North Carolina. There are many pros and cons surrounding Digital Learning.

What I want to talk about is where the push for Digital Learning is coming from and how it is connected to North Carolina. There are some key players, history and money influences that are driving legislation in our state; specifically HB660.

This is part 3, which will look at Bob Wise’s activities in North Carolina specifically. [Read part 1 and part 2. ] Continue reading

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