About that Common Core Survey @NCAE’s Jewell Touted…

At the Senate Education Committee hearing on Wednesday, NCAE’s Mark Jewell leapt up with prepared remarks when the surprise opportunity for public comment was given.

Jewell presented his case backed by an ‘independent’ survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. That survey is many months old and I didn’t catch the full name at the time I was listening to the audio or I would have posted this earlier.  I reached out to the NCAE on Twitter and asked for the poll link and methodology. They did not reply. Perhaps I should have hashtagged it “#TeacherPay.

Yes, I see the typo in the tweet. I can spell methodology.  I blame my tiny phone keyboard.

At any rate, I wasn’t going to wait around for the NCAE to respond. They won’t, so I am debunking it here. I hope the NC General Assembly members see this and understand the are being misled by Mr. Jewell and anyone else pushing this survey.. cough.. Senator Stein.. cough….

inigoThat “independent survey” not say what Jewell said it did. First of all, it was ordered by the NEA, who was totally drinking the Common Core Kool-aid and to some degree still is.  Second, the results do no support Jewell’s claim that teachers love Common Core or really even like it for that matter. The poll is old and showed that in fact opposition had “solidified”:

The National Education Association intensified its backing last fall with the results of a poll and focus group of 1,200 members conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. The union proudly noted that “more than 75 percent of NEA members either support the standards wholeheartedly or with some reservations.”

The breakdown of the findings was 26% in wholehearted support, 50% in support with reservations, 13% without an opinion, and only 11% opposed.

Even while NEA was touting these figures it was conducting a wider web survey, encompassing almost 17,000 members in 33 states. The results of that survey showed a worrisome trend for the union and for Common Core supporters in general.

Support for the standards fell only slightly, down to 71%. Opposition, however, solidified to almost triple the previous number. A full 29% of NEA members do not support CCSS. – Hot Air



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