Project Veritas In NC Leads to Investigation by State Board Of Elections

Another shoe did indeed drop. Porject Veritas and James O’Keefe swept into North Carolina and uncovered multiple campaign workers encouraging illegal immigrants to vote for Kay Hagan. This activity has prompted an investigation by the NC State board of elections

For several years now, the Voter Integrity Project in North Carolina has been doing the heavy lifting of identifying people who should not be on North Carolina’s voter roles. VIP has even developed a tool citizens can use to see if a ‘phantom voter’ lives at their address.

So – Ask yourself, do you get mail for someone who does not live at your address? It can be as little as a few times a year you might receive mail for someone else. This may indicate a phantom voter. If you do get such mail, go to, hit the SEARCH link at the top and follow the prompts to see if you have a phantom living at your location. Then follow the steps to challenge that person on the voter rolls.

Even if you don’t get weird mail — go check out your address. You might be surprised to find a phantom in your house.

Candidate for NC House 16, Molotov Mitchell had VIP’s Jay DeLancy stop over to his house to demonstrate the site for him. They found that a phantom voter was indeed listed for Mitchell’s home address.

Watch the video here and note the opening sequences in which the father of Mitchell’s opponent, Josh Stein, breaks election laws and is electioneering well beyond the designated area.

I hope a complaint has been filed. That’s ridiculous given the clear signage stating where you can and cannot campaign past.

Meanwhile, the NC NAACP is warning their supporters to stop putting election guides in mailboxes because it’s “a federal offense”. Paging the State Board of Elections….

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