Running for Office or Running Away – #ncpol

The above article is behind the N&O paywall, but here’s the main gist — or at least what N&O wants to be the main gist: Josh Stein.

Sen. Josh Stein has raised a lot of money. It’s no secret he want to run for Attorney General.

One of Stein’s big donors is Jim Goodmon (Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL). A BlueprintNC donor giving a ton of cash to Josh Stein?  Gee, no way!

Stein’s sister sits on the board of BlueprintNC. Someone (attention Buck Newton!) should check his donor list to see what other BlueprintNC partners are donating to him.

At any rate, expect Stein and his supporters to play dirty. Related: Project Veritas In NC Leads to Investigation by State Board Of Elections

Other tidbits
Democrat Linda Coleman is going to try again for Lt. Governor.
Good luck with that, Lt. Governor Dan Forest is pretty popular and has done a good job – especially in the education arena.

Run, Forest, Run!!!

She’s raised no money so far, so the question is will CCSSO President and NC State Superintendent June Atkinson run again?  I called this a long while back with a big NO, she won’t — nor should she since she’s alrady the longest serving educrat in the country.

cotham core politicizing

Likely Atkinson already has a nice six figure job lined up just like Bev Perdue when she high-tailed it out of office after leaving a mess and  the state under crushing debt.

Prediction: Atkinson will attempt to anoint Democrat  Rep. Tricia Cotham, as her heir apparent.

Great, a mini-me full of contempt for the public – especially parents.

Bring it.
I’m your huckleberry and she’s no daisy at all.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rosemary Stein has thrown her hat into the ring and has been traveling around the state. Stein’s message of opposing Common Core, empowering districts through increased local control and restoring the relationship between families and their children’s schools is resonating.

Also running is Henry Pankey of Durham; a former Principal turned motivational speaker.

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  1. Rod Powell says:

    A quick off the topic comment…

    Great huckleberry quote – I use it regularly and use the same Youtube quote to clue people in.

    I love that scene in that movie.

    Tip of the hat!


  2. Where to get more info on Dr. Stein?


  3. I’m hearing Dalton is thinking about a primary run against Pat McCrory. Sounds logical in that he would be a stronger candidate than McCrory against Cooper. But, the real money will be in keeping the super majority in the NCGA. The key is the Council of State – even though that’s controlled right now by a Republican governor who sits at the top, Democrats still out number on the CoS and that’s where the power rests. So, the big donors don’t really care if Cooper gets elected governor. Most of them are still around who worked with Jim Hunt back in the day. Cooper is a Jim Hunt protege. The key is still to keep the NCGA Republican and to keep the super majority – keeping the Council of State at bay.


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