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Former Gov Perdue Continues Digital Learning Push Despite Research Warnings

Former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue is on the move again via her education non-profit, DigiLearn.

In a recent article at EducationNC, Perdue was interviewed about the alleged benefits of digital learning. The article contains multiple videos and cites Perdue as saying that, “[Digital learning] totally can wipe away the divide that’s existed in education and training for all of our lives.”

This continued push in Digital Learning comes despite a study from January 2016 that says digital devices are a major distraction to students and achievement levels were suffering. Continue reading

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Bev Perdue Amazed By 2nd Grade Common Core Math

I recently visited a second-grade classroom in North Carolina and watched a fabulous teacher help kids understand the concept of the number “55.” She used 12 addition and subtraction examples to show kids how many different math equations get you to 55.

She showed them how you can use five buckets of tens and five buckets of ones. Or you can use 11 buckets of fives — or six “fives,” two tens” and five “ones.” She taught these second-graders to think logically and to explore how many ways you can get to an answer.

It was thrilling to see them working in teams and when they found the answer, yelling out, “I get it.” If they can get it, we can all get it. – Former Gov. Bev Perdue, Hechinger Report

Shorter: Isn’t Common Core great!?!?

Yeah, Bev, great. Great by how overly convoluted it is and how badly it confuses our kids. I can’t wait to see the kids doing this stuff now hit complex concepts in algebra and geometry and try to make ‘buckets’ to figure it out. Continue reading

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Former NC Governor Perdue’s DigiLearn Propped Up By Gates Grant

After leaving the state of NC in financial chaos after just one term, former Governor Bev Perdue founded a cushy little non-profit with the help of Common Core founding father, former NC Governor Jim Hunt.

That non-profit is called DigiLearn. It’s an incorporated entity.

DigiLearn is arguably a vehicle for Bill Gates to push his latest wave of Common Core through ‘personalized digital learning’ apps and other related support. Keep reading, you’ll see where Gates is propping up this venture.


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