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Former NC Gov. Who Called For Suspending Elections Made Head of Natl. Assessment Board

One-term former NC Governor Beverly Perdue has been elevated from member to chair of the organization in charge of the Nation’s Education report card, commonly known as the NAEP. 

Time for some flashbacks. Continue reading

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Former Gov Perdue Continues Digital Learning Push Despite Research Warnings

Former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue is on the move again via her education non-profit, DigiLearn.
Digital Learning is all the woman who helped cement Common Core into our state can talk about. Continue reading

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Bev Perdue Amazed By 2nd Grade Common Core Math

Bev Perdue: Isn’t Common Core great!?!?

Yeah, Bev, great.
Great by how overly convoluted it is and how badly it confuses our kids. I can’t wait to see the kids doing this stuff now hit complex concepts in algebra and geometry and try to make ‘buckets’ to figure it out. Continue reading

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Former NC Governor Perdue’s DigiLearn Propped Up By Gates Grant

After leaving the state of NC in financial chaos after just one term, former Governor Bev Perdue founded a cushy little non-profit with the help of Common Core founding father, former NC Governor Jim Hunt.

That non-profit is called DigiLearn. It’s an incorporated entity.

DigiLearn is arguably a vehicle for Bill Gates to push his latest wave of Common Core through ‘personalized digital learning’ apps and other related support. Keep reading, you’ll see where Gates is propping up this venture.


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#MoralMonday : June 10 Arrests Edition

The records are taking their sweet time being loaded at the Wake County Sheriff’s site. I’m not linking to every record this time as the WCS site won’t let you permanently link to records. Those curious about the number of clergy, Liberal university professors, the unemployed/retired, in other other words mainly older White Liberals, being arrested can do their own search at WCS. It’s worth noting that, so far, no one has been arrested twice. Given the local population attendance, they’re going to have to double up soon.

Here are the 5 names listed thus far for June 10th by WCS below. When more are posted I will update.

Records at WakeMugs.com had the mug shots for 4 of the 5 up:


As if Moral Monday’s weren’t enough, we now also had a ‘Witness Wednesday’ this week. I was actually nearby when they started to form their group, having just attended the Stop Common Core event — where we talked to dozens of legislators like adults and resulted in zero arrests. Go figure.

Well Witless Witness Wednesday had a ‘handful’ of arrests too. WCS only has one name up right now:

This was supposed to be a protest commemorating the assassination of Medgar Evers yet it was turned into some kind of social justice circus by the NAACP and the AFL-CIO. WRAL falls all over itself to report:

Raleigh, N.C. — After weeks of Monday protests in which dozens of people were arrested at the General Assembly, a Wednesday afternoon protest ended with only eight people taken away by police.

The “Witness Wednesday” event coincided with the 50th anniversary of the assassination of NAACP activist Medgar Evers outside his Jackson, Miss., home.

The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP led the protest, which included the same criticism of Republican-backed legislation, from slashing unemployment benefits to using state money to provide vouchers for some students to attend private schools, that has marked the weekly “Moral Monday” protests.

“The Holy Scriptures declare that, when we stand for righteousness, when we heed the call to do what is right, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses of those who died – or suffered and died – who have gone on but now sit in glory, and they cheer us on,” said Rev. William Barber, state NAACP president.

“It is the great witness of those who died before us and who fought before us that is the ultimate critique on the immoral and extreme legislation coming out of this General Assembly and out of the Governor’s Office,” Barber said. “When you attack poor people, when you attack voting rights, when you attack the most vulnerable, that’s wrong. Their blood speaks.”

Dear Rev. Barber: Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and what is God’s to God. Do not confuse the two. Continue reading

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At Breitbart this headline caught my eye:

NC School District Pushes Union Propaganda in Math Classes

Quick summary of the article — Eighth graders using the virtual classroom were treated to math lessons using Unions as examples:

Screenshot via the Breitbart Article

Color me shocked. Not.

Unionization of state employees is prohibited in NC. That hasn’t stopped the unions from trying. I’ve written before that the SEIU has already infiltrated the SEANC and has been aided by Governor Perdue on quite a few occasions. All one has to do is pay attention to the top banner of the SEANC website.

Flashback February 2011 – SEIU/MoveOn.org Protests in Raleigh, NC: Continue reading

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