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Team Perdue Edits DOT Docs

Bev Perdue is so successful at failing that it’s a good thing she’s not running again.
Her ‘top aides’ are made headlines last year for receiving advance copies of confidential employment data to spin the Governor’s jobs reporting – in violation of federal law. Now her top aides have apparently pulled an edit job that would make MSNBC proud if it were video. Continue reading

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NC Governor Perdue Issues Apolo-attack to Mississippi

In true Democrat form, Governor Bev Perdue issued her idea of an apology. It’s become apparent that to a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive or Lefty Moonbat, an apology is just another chance to slight the other party. Continue reading

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Perdue: ‘We look like Mississippi’ after gay marriage vote

Exactly what does Mississippi look like Governor Perdue? Are you calling implying Mississippi is somehow racist and homophobic and NC citizens are too? Enlighten, us, oh suspender of elections who likes to tell media to ‘get over it’ when pressed on a scandal rocking your party?

Wow. Amazing what comes out of Democrats mouths when they are no longer concerned with running for re-election, isn’t it? Continue reading

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Dear Gov. Perdue – You’re an Idiot.

I cannot wait until this woman is out of office. Only then can we stop the stupid from hemorrhaging from her mouth. She starts out talking about how adding this amendment to the NC Constitution is bad for business and then segues into talking about how the law already bans gay marriage in NC – even driving it home a second time. Continue reading

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Bob Etheridge vs Walter Dalton

Clash of the NC Dem Titans:
Captain ‘Who Are You’ vs. Walter *yawwwwwn* Dalton
Bill “Occupier” Faison treated like the fat kid picked last at kickball Continue reading

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NC Is *SO* Over Bev Perdue

NC Governor Bev Perdue to the reporter asking the “transparency governor” about the NC Democratic Party’s sexual harassment scandal: GET OVER IT. Continue reading

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