Former NC Gov. Who Called For Suspending Elections Made Head of Natl. Assessment Board

One-term former NC Governor Beverly Perdue has been elevated from member to chair of the organization in charge of the Nation’s Education report card, commonly known as the NAEP.

Time for some flashbacks.

Her narrow victory in an otherwise scandal-plagued campaign is largely attributed to the fact that President Barack Obama carried North Carolina.

Still, Obama’s influence wasn’t enough to keep Perdue from being seen as one of the nation’s most unpopular governors in recent history. (Washington Post)

Is this who you would pick to be on a national board or be the chair of the board responsible for testing our children and measuring success in our country?

Education Secretary Betsy Devos made the announcement earlier this month that Perdue would be chair of the National Assessment Governing Board.

“Perdue will be the first female chair in the 30-year history of the board, which she joined as a member in October 2017. During her time on the board, she has served on the committee on standards, design, and methodology,” the press release said.

Personally, I can’t think of a worse pick for the job than Bev Perdue who alongside former Supt. June Atkinson brought Common Core into North Carolina.

However, her Common Core fanaticism and ties to the Gates Foundation are probably why she was elevated to Chair. NAEP scores have been flat and, most recently, falling. The barbarians will be at the gate soon.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane on why Former Gov. Perdue is not someone you want out in front leading your parade.

 Bev Perdue’s greatest hits

2009: Bev Perdue ordered a 5% pay cut for all state employees, plus furloughs in some cases. The then Democrat-controlled General Assembly went a step further by voting to freeze teachers’ salaries.  Perdue did not veto this measure.

2009: Then there’s the time Perdue helped double murderer Sally Holloman be paroled because she did a “good job” on her work release for then Lt. Governor Perdue. Holloman poisoned her second husband by putting arsenic in his tea and hospital IV, and she shot and killed a Johnston County businessman.

2009: Using Education Lottery Funds to balance her budget did not go over well. Perdue even wanted to change the name of the fund so she could raid it more often to pay off the debts she racked up.

201o: Perdue up $2.8 billion in debt to the federal government to keep extending long-term unemployment benefits in less than 3 years. That $2.4 billion was around 2.5 times what the state collected in UI taxes over a one year period. It would later be learned that under her administration, the NC Unemployment administration overpaid those benefits by $28 million. Despite this spending and debt, NC hovered around 5th highest (10%) in the nation for unemployment.  Perdue would also rack up $500 million in Medicaid overspending.

2011: Likely Perdue’s most idiotic moment was calling to ‘suspend elections‘.
“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at an event in Cary, North Carolina.  “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”  NOPE.

2011: Our Lady of Suspending Elections has been caught illegally receiving confidential employment data before its official release date.

Perdue - Easley - Endorsement - 20072011: Three of Perdue’s staffers are indicted for making false campaign finance reports and her former finance chair was indicted for obstruction of justice.  One of her donors was also indicted. It was truly ugly but predictable behavior for a Mike Easley crony.

2012: Bev Perdue’s employment data scandal grows as it becomes apparent she has been receiving and publicly using labor reports which were embargoed.

2012: Perdue just cannot follow the law and neither can her staff it seems. Her top aides were caught altering a Dept. of Transportation official’s position statement on funding for toll road projects without telling him. Fun fact: During her campaign, Perdue said she was going to target the DOT.

2012: Perdue is the original Obama Fan Girl. The gushing was cringeworthy.

2012: When asked about the sexual harassment scandal rocking the NC Democratic Party, Governor Perdue tells a reporter to “Get over it.” Yes, there’s video.

2012: Perdue’s son, Garrett Perdue, makes a scene by accusing a McCrory fundraiser of adultery on social media.

2012: Amendment One, a state Constitutional Amendment stating marriage is between one man and one woman,  is passed by a majority (61%) of NC Voters.  Gov. Perdue’s reaction was to say that “We look like Mississippi.”  Very classy.

Perdue is Unamused - ScreenCap - Tax Plan Disaster_Filter2012: Realizing she looked like a bigoted jerk smearing Mississippi and the voters of NC, Gov. Sugar Dumplin’ issued an apology/attack.  She also blabbed to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that 61% of the voters of her state “hurt our brand.”

2012: At the end of the year, Perdue realizes she will be trounced by Pat McCrory if she tries to run for reelection, which is ironic since she beat him in 2008 by just under 145,000 votes or 3%. Perdue goes on to write the most hypocritical letter ever about why she isn’t running again.  Not long after announcing she won’t run again, Perdue was booed at UNC Basketball game.

Bev Perdue holds the distinction of being the first governor in North Carolina not to run for a second term since governors were given the power to run for a second term back in the 1970’s.

She also was known as “Governor Veto” for her 20 vetoes – 19 of which came in just one session of the legislature. Democrat Roy Cooper now holds the new record with 25 vetoes in just two years.

One-Term Bev’s Post-Gubernatorial Activities

2014:  We learn that Perdue’s new venture “Digilearn” is mainly propped up by a large grant from Bill and Melinda Gates.

2015: Common Core math is AMAZING!  Yeah, you joined the National Governing Board two years later heading up “standards, design, and methodology,” right? So…How about those falling NAEP scores we’ve seen for the last few years?

2016: “[Digital learning] totally can wipe away the divide that’s existed in education and training for all of our lives,”  Perdue crowed.  Actually no. Study after study is proving that digital devices are a major distraction to students and achievement levels are all suffering.

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