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NC Moms Fight Back Against Obama Bathroom Edict – #hb2 #TitleIX

The Obama administration has threatened North Carolina with withholding Title IX funds if the state does not allow biological males to be able to use showers and bathrooms legally designated for females under the state’s HB2 law.

These funds serve the poorest children in the state. This threat is disgusting.

See the NC Moms who are fighting back. Continue reading

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Women for Mitt in Raleigh, NC

On the last day of early voting in Wake County, North Carolina, I took an afternoon to volunteer for Mitt Romney. It was my first time volunteering for a campaign of any kind. I wasn’t really nervous, but more on the side of excited.

When I got there, a great young man in his last year at NC State got me set up and started to work the phones. I quizzed him for a few moments about his experience at college and found he readily identified his professors as being nearly all liberal leaning. Go figure. He was undeterred and had been working with the campaign for quite a while.

Working the phones was basically calling and implementing a survey that consisted of inquiring if people had gotten out to vote already or if they planned to on Election Day. Seeing how it worked on the caller side was interesting and softened me on actually answering such callers instead of screening my calls in the future. The amount of disconnected numbers, wrong numbers and no answers was pretty high, but the live people I did get were incredibly nice and all had voted already. Of all the live people I spoke to, ALL offered that they had voted Romney.

I was struck by the diversity of the volunteers. Some as young at 15, elderly, women, men, black, white, asian and hispanic. The young lady I met, who was about 15, had interned at the headquarters all Summer and had won the chance to meet Paul Ryan when he came to Raleigh. I was thoroughly impressed with her dedication and clear grasp of the issues at hand this election. Her mother was equally as impressive and I chatted with her briefly as we worked the phones. I even ran into the mother of a child who was in my own child’s Kindergarten class. She was volunteering to go door to door, with her young daughter,in the suburb of Raleigh we both live in. What a small world!

During my volunteering, I had the honor of meeting and listening to three fantastic women, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Former SBA Administrator, Jovita Carranza and RNC Co-Chair, Sharon Day. I was pretty bowled over that the RNC Co-Chair was there. I was honored to have a few moments of her time after the speeches – she’s so down to Earth and her drive is amazing. After blogging and writing several stories on Congresswoman Ellmers, it was fantastic to meet her in person. Her energy just pulsed through that room when she spoke. Having her in Washington working for us is a BIG plus. The Congresswoman assured me they are going to work for #FullRepeal. I believe her.I wasn’t able to catch up with Ms. Carranza, regrettably. I loved her speech and I’ve linked to her bio (above). Please take a moment to read it and the corresponding article.

I shot some video of their speeches using my regular camera for pictures. I apologize for the shakiness; no tripod and I was doing this on the fly.


Just a few of the pictures of the event via the NC Victory 2012 Facebook page: Continue reading

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Hope and Change: 900 Applicants for 42 Positions

This is Hope and Change in NC — 42 openings at a Big Lots! Store in Fuquay-Varina, NC and over 900 applicants.

News and Observer via Cary news with emphasis added:

FUQUAY-VARINA – Jimmy Wilson hung a “store open” banner across the new Big Lots on Lakestone Commons Avenue, and word spread like wildfire that the town had gotten a new discount store.

Across town, Wilson’s wife was fielding calls from friends and neighbors asking if the rumors were true. By the time store manager Wilson opened the doors for the first time at 10 a.m. Oct. 9, customers were lined up at the door.

And Big Lots hasn’t even had its grand opening yet. It’s scheduled for Friday.

“Our customer count was four times higher than anticipated,” Wilson said. “I think everybody loves Big Lots. People have been waiting for this store to open. We have stores in Garner and Cary, but people are tired of having to drive out there.”

People were also looking for jobs. Wilson said he received about 900 applications for 42 positions.

He figured the large number of applicants was an indication of the economy’s slow recovery, considering all he did to advertise for the job openings was put up a table in front of the store a few months ago.

Applicants ranged from the unemployed to others with part-time retail jobs and some with no sales experience, he said. Continue reading

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NC Voter Registration Update

I previously reported on voter registration activities in NC on September 4th. Every single weekend, I see voter registrations on corners and at grocery stores in my area identical to this one.

At the time of my earlier post on 9/2, the number of registered voters listed on the NC BOE site was: 6,296,961.

As of this post on 9/29 (total date is on the site says 9/29 as well), the number of registered voters is: 6,471,031.

A net gain of 174,070. Right?

I took some screen shots for the last article of the BOE banner and did the same this time for comparison: Screen shot of 9/2 and screen shot of 9/29.

Breakdown according to the 9/2 and 9/29 headers on the BOE Site (also mirrored in the image below):

Democrat on 9/2 – 2,727,202
Democrat on 9/29 – 2,785,054
Gain: 57, 852

Republican on 9/2 – 1,990,941
Republican on 9/29 -2,011,846
Gain: 20,905

Libertarian on 9/2 – 15,651
Libertarian on 9/29 – 16,805
Gain: 1,154

Unaffiliated (independent) 9/2 – 1,618,567
Unaffiliated (independent) 9/29 – 1,657,326
Gain: 38,759

I added up all the gains by registration affiliation as is listed on the BOE site and 118,670 is the total net gain I came up with. It doesn’t match the overall totals gain listed on the BOE site. I went back and checked the math. The 9/2 banner total registrations number was off. The total should have added up to 6,352,361. It’s short by 55,400.

There is no way of knowing if the new total being run on 9/29 incorporates that 55,400 or if it is accurate now. Perhaps this is a math or data entry oversight by those running the BOE site that is the cause for the gap on 9/2. In the meantime I am contacting the BOE for clarification, because their downloadable reports give some different numbers as well. The BOE has a revised registered voter report by precinct as of September 12. This would replace the one I linked to near the bottom of my prior post.

Obviously, depending on what answers I get back from the NC BOE on the banner discrepancy, the following is subject to change:

I compared the latest hard copy report by precinct and the site banner numbers in the last two rows above. The report was on 9/12 and the banner from 9/29 — which means that, if the 9/29 numbers are accurate, nearly 54,000 people were registered to vote in NC inside of 17 days. Draw what conclusions you will from these numbers. Continue reading

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At Breitbart this headline caught my eye:

NC School District Pushes Union Propaganda in Math Classes

Quick summary of the article — Eighth graders using the virtual classroom were treated to math lessons using Unions as examples:

Screenshot via the Breitbart Article

Color me shocked. Not.

Unionization of state employees is prohibited in NC. That hasn’t stopped the unions from trying. I’ve written before that the SEIU has already infiltrated the SEANC and has been aided by Governor Perdue on quite a few occasions. All one has to do is pay attention to the top banner of the SEANC website.

Flashback February 2011 – SEIU/MoveOn.org Protests in Raleigh, NC: Continue reading

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Ellmers gets McClatchy Treatment (Update)

Imagine if this was a Democrat Female Representative? Likely that you wouldn’t have even heard of the story.

Via Agent Pierce Said:

August 21; ’12: News & Observer Publisher Orage Quarles was not arrested Tuesday on charges of trafficking in child pornography and white slavery. As to whether Quarles or N&O Editor John Drescher routinely expose themselves to pedestrians in Nash Square, FBI officials have not returned our calls…..

Does that headline “grab you”? Not a single word of the above is untrue nor would Quarles nor Drescher deny one bit of it.

Welcome to the dumpster diving world of McClatchy Corporation. McClatchy owns North Carolina’s two largest daily newspapers – Raleigh’s News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer.

Tuesday morning readers of both papers were greeted with the headline:

“Renee Ellmers (R-NC) Went To Israel But Did Not Go Skinny Dipping”

{MORE} Continue reading

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