About That ‘Dox’ Attempt…

For those of you just tuning in, there was a failed dox attempt on me by a group calling themselves the #NCBlondes or at times #Nonblondes. They fancy themselves as a Democratic candidate recruiting team who frequent the #NCGA and #NCPOL hashtags.

For the record, I waited until the person who was named as me by the “NCblondes” to respond publicly before writing about this in detail on my own blog. That person came forward yesterday:

Brinda is either truly dim or trying to play dumb. Scroll up, sweetheart.  I apologize on their behalf to Ms. Stitzinger, who through no fault of her own was dragged into the “NCBlondes” drama.  This is truly disgusting and a potentially dangerous scenario this group of ‘Democratic recruiters’ has created here. Hopefully, they’ve learned something.

Fail Dox

They incorrectly identified me as this person, Amy, on Twitter and proceeded to use her name in a smear campaign against me. Not only did they not silence me, they dragged an innocent person into this. That, is disgusting. For more background, read  NC Left: “Because, Shut Up” and listen to me discuss part of it with Pete Kaliner here: August 8, 2013 Hour 1

The “NCBlondes” on Twitter are as follows, led by local politico and former Mayor Jeanne Milliken Bonds:

Active followers include, but not limited to:

  • @NY2NC08
  • @LaPajamas
  • @KatBeeWhite
  • @BrindaStar

Some of these people can be particularly nasty on Twitter. Disagree with them and find out.  Ironically, a number of them use aliases or go only by Twitter handles as you can see from that list.  I do know who most of these people are and have more information than I written about here, but I’m not interested in posting their personal information.  What I am interested here is their tactics. The tactic of #Shutuppery. This group and their members have a different opinion than mine on a variety of political issues. For those differences, I was subjected to a doxing. I have no interest in going down that low road, but I will if provoked*.

These people couldn’t assail the points or arguments I made, so instead attempted to kill the messenger. This is the state of discourse I have come to know from the Left and a lot of why I write under a pen name.  Thank you for proving my point for me on that front, NCblondes.



*Note: If another such attempt is made, I’ll contact authorities and publish it all. My safety and that of my family is not negotiable.  I have my reasons for writing under a pen name. Your skepticism of my reasons is irrelevant. Your choices on your own personal information usage are your own; the choice of guarding mine with a pen name is mine. This not a threat, this fair warning. 

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips: APDillon@Protonmail.com
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3 Responses to About That ‘Dox’ Attempt…

  1. what a bunch of serious creeps you are tussling with. good on ya.


  2. watchmandave says:

    LL… 🙂 … (I’ll be connecting back at the twit in a few days…look for my follow) still following you by your blog forwards to my email…Interesting about the lies…I was just commenting at the FB on that subject matter…even if those liars would be “unveiled” (revealed) the veil would just be re-hung(what you’ve been constantly up against-what returns)…what keeps them exposed is when you “tear the veil (lie) they use when it’s in your authority to do so and have the rightful Liberty to do so…and that’s when they get pissed off the most of course…SMOKE puts radicalized bees to sleep too…best time to remove the hive and expose it for what it is…and in this case “Foreign to True Liberty”… 🙂 wd


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