Occupy 2.0: Chicago ALEC Protests Have Moral Monday Ties

Occupy 2.0 ALEC Protest In Chicago

In Chicago, a smaller ALEC protest at the Palmer House Hilton that took place on the 5th was ramped up into a full-on Occupy style event on the 8th. Both sets of protests ended with a handful of arrests, but the more recent event that took place on the 8th included scuffles with police.  Rebel Pundit at Breitbart reported and included video:

Seven protesters against the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) 40th Anniversary conference held in Chicago, IL, were taken into custody on Thursday after the demonstrations took a violent turn.

The protest was organized by the Chicago Federation of Labor in collaboration with the Chicago Teachers Union, the SEIU, Action Now (formerly ACORN), and were accompanied by a large contingent of anarchists.


Looks familiar? Like Occupy? That’s because it mainly is Occupy, but with open Union support. The Chicago Teacher’s Union was also there. Yes, the ‘mostly peaceful‘ protests seem to be back. Via Rebel Pundit at Breitbart:

In the video, the “peaceful” young anarchist can be seen following ALEC conference attendees down the sidewalk, yelling and shouting “get the f**k out, this is our town, mother f**ker!” At one point another protesters throws water at the attendees.

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In addition to ALEC as an organization being protested, apparently there were a swath of people there to take specific aim at ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.  ChicagoStandsUp posted a video of a ‘Die-In’ that was staged. Oddly enough, none of them seem to understand the that Chicago and in fact of all Illinois, have no such law.

At the 22 second mark of the video, you will recognize Carl Gibson, the professional agitator who was arrested at Moral Monday in Raleigh on July 22nd. Mr. Gibson offers an interesting interpretation of Stand Your Ground. Read more about Gibson.  Mr. Gibson was not arrested again in Chicago on the 8th as he was on the 5th. He was, instead, arrested in Wisconsin on that day.  It would seem Chicago is not the only place co-opting the Moral Monday name:

Occupy 2.0 = Unions, Social Justice Groups, Occupiers.

As I began reporting several months ago, unions have been moving behind the scenes creating/supporting a wide array of social justice groups. Many of these groups are focused on raising the minimum wage and creating a national union of food workers. Of note, the Chicagoist notes that Jobs with Justice was at this ALEC protest. I’ve dubbed this movement Occupy 2.0 due to the same players being involved – SEIU, AFGL-CIO, former ACORN, Occupiers, Anarchists, Social Justice activists and other professional agitators.

As mentioned earlier, on August 5th a group consisting of former occupiers and agitators staged a protest at the Palmer House Hilton. They called themselves the Moral Monday Coalition, which is a nod to the Moral Monday protests orchestrated by the NAACP NC and various Left leaning groups in North Carolina. Greg Goodman (@GregrGoodman) and Natalie Wahlberg (@ConstantNatalie) who were arrested at the August 5th event were also present at the August 8th protest. For ‘mostly peaceful’ protest, there was no short supply of claims typical to Occupy in the past of police brutality:

Don’t feel too bad for her, apparently @BullHornGirl, aka Feminist Bully, does this a lot judging by her Twitter feed.

The ALEC / Moral Monday Coalition Ties To Raleigh

Mr. Gibson was not the only one with connections to the North Carolina Moral Monday who has participated in the ALEC protests in Chicago. A Twitter user named @Elektrowav, was also present and actively involved with the protests. Elektrowav’s tie to Raleigh and Moral Monday comes from his backing of a group of who self-identify themselves as ‘Democrat candidate recruiters‘ and call themselves the ‘Nonblondes‘. The ‘Nonblondes’ appears to be headed up by local politico Jeanne Milliken Bonds and has multiple members active on Twitter, including @Elektrowav and @LaPajamas. They tend to stick to hashtags #NCBlondes, #Nonblondes, #MoralMondays #NCGA and #NCpol.

NOTE: Earlier this month, a member of the ‘Nonblondes’ going by the handle @MovingNCForward attempting to “dox” me. In this attempt, @MovingNCForward incorrectly identified me as another person. Read more about the failed Dox attempt: NC Left: “Because, Shut Up” | Pete Kaliner. Listen to my interview on Moral Monday and the Occupy connectins on the Pete Kaliner show on WWNC here.

Back To A Nonblonde Supporter At ALEC in Chicago

Occupy Raleigh did the honors and announced Elektrowav would be live streaming the ALEC protest:

Elektrowav indeed did a live stream of the event and almost lost his voice doing so and got a Tweeted pat on the back from Nonblonde member @LaPajamas, who also warned him to be careful.  The reply was that this is allegedly tame for the Chicago Police. Elektrowav probably regained his strength crashing over at @ConstantNatalie’s place.

Elektrowav is identified by Citizen Journalist Kit O’Connell in this tweet:

I will re-iterate what I said in my last article:

Professional agitators, Unions, Social Justice front groups and Occupiers. This is who is aligning themselves with Moral Monday in North Carolina.  Congrats, Moral Monday. You’ve just been co-opted by the organized Left.

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