Voter Fraud Suddenly Now Isn’t A Myth To Democrats

The hypocrisy is now so thick, it will take a chainsaw to penetrate it:

House Democrat starts inquiry into GOP firm linked to bad voter forms –

Voter Fraud is apparently a real thing now! Go figure. These are the same Democrats who put their fingers in their ears and yelled ‘LALALALALA’ when ACORN was exposed and then when Obama broke the law to give them MORE money. (Related: 53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida and Florida Voter Purge Reveals Noncitizens Who Voted)

It’s apparently no big deal and a myth only when they and their own surrogates do it. (Related: SEIU Subpoenaed In Milwaukee Vote Fraud Investigation  and Mississippi NAACP Official Convicted for Casting Deceased’s Absentee Ballots)

We supposed to ignore the official running for office who voted in two states as well.

It’s just right wing propaganda when it helps Democrats ram nation killing taxes down our throats too. (Related: Fund on Fraud and Franken: Voter Fraud Is Real, and It Gave Us ObamaCare )

Back to the outrage at hand I began this article with…
This time it all goes back to Strategic Allied Consulting and Nathan Sproul. Over at KoS they are crowd sourcing it. The drooling going on at that site is reaching epic proportions. Too bad they were completely uninterested in ACORN. (Related: Vigilance: The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed)

In Colorado, a seriously dumb girl who says she personally is out there for Romney and is registering Republicans only was caught in a video now has over 450,000 hits. Watch it here:

God bless her, she’s pretty dumb and clearly confused but I’m not letting her off the hook. I’ve railed about how the lack of any accountability in voter registration drives recently. This is a classic example. (Related: Two ballots, One Girl)

Now look at my own video. This guy keeps his mouth shut, but he’s clearly not interested in talking to me about who HE is out there for. I catch Mr. Completely Unpartisan anyway:

Only 160 hits, yet just as damning.

I see tables just like this one every weekend in the same location and two other locations nearby. My town is crawling with them. One was run by a woman who came in this car:

Another “Non-Partisan” voter registration drive organizer.

I found out this was her car after I attempted to question her on what group she worked with and she just stared at me, then promptly packed up her table and left without answering a single question. She clearly wanted to help me register to vote.

I recently had a debate with a friend who blew off every example I provided of Democrat voter fraud as ‘insignificant’. The hilarity was that this debate was started by the LA Times article about questionable Strategic Allied forms collected in FL and he was worked up that this was who the GOP was and they were doing it on a massive scale to ‘suppress’ the vote. When I asked if voter ID would help, I got the pat response: you’ll disenfranchise millions of voters. Oh yes, and it was racist.

When I queried about why Democrats spend so much time and money on Motor voter programs but blew off trying to help people get an ID so they can comply with Voter ID laws, the only answer I got was that people shouldn’t be burdened with having to show an ID in the first place. No biggie, it’s only our elections — you know, the thing that determines the course of our cities, states and nation?

I dug a little deeper and asked how it was possible in our society today that there were millions of these potential disenfranchised voters that could go around doing their daily business just fine with no ID whatsoever. Were they magically opening bank accounts? Just taken at their word when enrolling for government entitlements? Hoping they didn’t need that license to drive their car? Just looked old enough to buy that beer or had a trustworthy face when boarding that plane? Hell, in Chicago you need an ID to buy Draino! GIVE ME A BREAK!

The only thing we agreed on is that the voter registration process is deeply flawed. This friend also conceded that Voter ID needed to be implemented going forward but it had to be in such a way as not to burden the potential voter whatsoever. I pointed out many states offered a free state ID and/or the use of a provisional ballot, but that was ignored, of course. I have a hard time swallowing the ‘burden’ argument. If it’s such a burden, these people are likely on some form of government assistance — which they would have had to supply ID of some type to get and maintain. If they aren’t in that category, like perhaps senior citizens who no longer drive and are on a limited income? If that’s the case, then why not spend the money and volunteers poured into Motor Voter programs to assist these folks in gaining a working ID? (Just ignore these seniors are likely on Social Security and have ID of some kind to maintain that.)

The wide array of groups doing these registrations have no controls on them nor do they seem particularly concerned with who they send them to when doing drives – that is a huge problem no one seems to want to address. (Related: Dead dog receives voter registration forms  and Fla. Sends Voter Cards To Women Who Haven’t Lived In State for Years )

Absentee voter registration is an entirely different, but not unrelated can of worms. Multiple groups have mailed me absentee registration forms in the last two years. Clearly, they didn’t check their mailing list against the registered voter list for my area. Perhaps they didn’t care. Democrats cry foul about producing an ID at the polls, yet seem to not complain that to first time voters who register by mail have to show some form of Photo ID or current bank statement or bill verifying their address.  In North Carolina, when you register to vote you received a voter registration card in the mail. Depending on when you receive it, the showing of proof includes those registering at the drives we’ve been discussing here. The NC registration card does not have a photo, but perhaps it should. At any rate, you have to sign it for it to be valid. (Related: Voter ID Laws by State and Voter ID – State by State)

Voter fraud is real.  Perhaps it is not on a massive scale, but it does happen. We catch one or two people outright doing it every election cycle in just about every state, but there is no mechanism in place to check for it on a blanket scale. As I’ve written before, there is no accountability for groups registering people to vote. None. Nada. Zip. Anyone can get a box of forms and sit outside a grocery store. They can register people all day long and no one has any idea what they really do with the forms they collect. For all we know, they could just toss the ones of the party they don’t agree with.

Where the Democrats complain that even one voter who has to overcome an obstacle like obtaining an ID is unacceptable, I counter that even one voter who votes fraudulently is unacceptable.

The clear answer seems to be shoring up the registration process coupled with voter registration cards of some kind, preferably with a photo, in every state.

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