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N.C. Dept. of Public Instruction continues changing Social Studies Standards

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction is continuing to move forward in their effort to infuse Social Justice into the state’s social studies curriculum and standards.  Continue reading

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NC Begins K-8 Common Core Revisions, Seeks Public Input

The Common Core standards are still alive and well in North Carolina and next round of lipstick on the pig is already underway. Continue reading

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Hickory and Newton-Conover Schools Go Beyond Statute, Raise Drop Out Age to 18

At the North Carolina State Board of Education meeting held on October 6th, resolutions were presented by Hickory county schools and Newton-Conover schools regarding the drop out age.

The resolutions raise the drop out age from 16 to 18, thereby making 11th and 12th grades compulsory. Continue reading

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16 Charters Were Approved by the NC Charter Advisory Board, Yet Only 8 Were Voted on

At the August meeting of the State Board of Education, 8 charter school applications were voted on and approved. However, 16 charter schools were approved by the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB).

CSAB members were angered and the group issued a resolution, requesting the State Board of Education consider each application approved by CSAB in the future. Continue reading

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NC State Board Of Ed Meeting Slated for August 3-4

The next North Carolina State Board of Education (NCSBE) meeting is slated for August third and fourth. The agenda for the upcoming meeting can be found on the NCSBE website under the ‘meetings’ tab.

The NCSBE meetings are live streamed for those who cannot attend in person. Whose wishing to listen in will need to download RealPlayer if they do not already have it on their device.

Nowhere in the two-day agenda is the revision of Common Core math for High school or Elementary and middle school grades mentioned.

See some of the highlights…. Continue reading

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NC Board Of Ed Still Not Taking Up Common Core Recommendations

A brief update on the state of Common Core in North Carolina — the NC State Board of Education will apparently NOT be taking up the recommendations from the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) during their February meeting.

KEEP READING… THERE’S MORE. Continue reading

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NC Board Of Ed Plans To Stick With #APUSH

Right, Left and Center, the Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) rewrite has come under fire. To be blunt, this rewrite is disastrous. It’s so bad, the authors of the APUSH framework have had to write a letter explaining themselves. We have one of the authors right here in NC, Ted Dickson of Providence Day School. Read the letter they wrote, then read the take down of it by Larry Krieger, a History expert with over 35 years of experience. Krieger also earned his degrees in North Carolina — B.A. and M.A.T. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and M.A. from Wake Forest University.

The framework authors aside, we have our own disaster to deal with in North Carolina. Bill Cobey, the Chairman of the NC State Board of Education, says no one has asked for APUSH be dropped (emphasis mine):

Board Chairman Bill Cobey said no one has suggested that the state kill the course.

Teachers are forwarding an email chain with advice to contact State Board of Education members. Cobey said he’s gotten some, and wants to assure the public the course will continue. – News and Observer

In one line, Cobey says no one is suggesting they kill the course. In the next one, he acknowledges he has received emails to KEEP it. Chairman Cobey is either having his cake and eating it too or pulling a Captain Literal on the reporter for the News and Observer hoping they won’t follow up. Don’t worry Bill, they won’t.

Chairman Cobey must be ignoring the resolution from New Hanover County Schools, which asks for at least a delay for APUSH and which was sent TO the State Board of Education: Continue reading

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