Occupy Monday Embraces Big Labor In WI

Moral Monday is running out of steam locally, so it’s been taken on the road and into the den of Big Labor in Wisconsin. Barber needs reinforcements. From “Isthmus.com” with emphasis added:

Rev. Barber spoke on Thursday night at Bethel Lutheran Church, where he delivered an address titled “The People’s Moral Agenda: Anti-Racism, Anti-Poverty, Pro-Labor.” It capped off a day that not only included the sing-along on the Capitol Square, but also a meeting with local workers’ rights leaders at the Madison Labor Temple.

At a press conference following this meeting, Rev. Barber weighed in on the importance of building connections between different constituencies and issues.

“If you want to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, health care is important for life. Labor rights are important to life. Liberty — you’ve got to have voting rights — that’s the equalizer and you have to have education in order to have the pursuit of happiness — that’s what’s under attack,” he said.

More of the same, with a pot shot at Rush Limbaugh as reported by “BlueCheddar”, again with emphasis added:

Isaiah and Ezekial soon found their way into the conversation. So did Rush Limbaugh, as Barber called out the radio talk show extremist, “Caring for the poor and workers’ rights is not Communism. It’s the Gospel.”

Barber reinforced the connection between North Carolina and Wisconsin by invoking the name of Father James Groppi, the Wisconsin priest who led civil rights marches in the sixties. “Many people saw Milwaukee as the Selma of the North,” Barber said.

In another historical reference, he said that the United States was in the midst of a third period of Reconstruction. The first began in 1868, the second in 1954. What the periods share is a five-pronged attack on specific targets: voting rights, public education, labor, tax revenue, and attacks and assassinations of progressive leaders.

The labor issue especially brought historical threads together. “Labor without labor rights is slavery,” he said. North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement is not about politics according to Barber. It’s about “changing the context.”

There we go, I knew Barber would work in a slavery quote. You can count on him to race bait every single time. Labor without Labor rights? Translated: Right to work states = practicing slavery?  Barber is courting the unions and their ‘Organize the South or Die’ campaign in order to energize his Moral Monday crowds. All of which, by the way, were astroturfed with out of staters who were bused in.

Barber wants more of the MoveOn.org/SEIU style protests. Flashback to 2011:

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