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#NCED Updates: Teacher Strike Looms, Cooper’s Budget, Legislative Updates & More

Here’s the latest round of education update from around the state of North Carolina.

Included in this edition are key points about the looming teacher’s strike, education highlights from Governor Cooper’s proposed budget, as well as various legislative and Charter school updates. Continue reading

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WRAL Publishes Racist School Choice Cartoon

Stay classy, WRAL. Continue reading

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NC Charter School Truths – #SchoolChoice

The spin out there on School Choice was out of control again this year for School Choice Week. On cue, well-funded union non-profit front groups continued to push their false talking points and in the process smear millions of parents and students.

On Twitter, the replies left on some School Choice tweets were filled with ridiculous amounts of misinformation. Reading some of them gave me a headache. It was as if these folks were re-heating leftover dog food, calling it gourmet stew and thinking somehow no one was going to tell them otherwise.  Boy, were they wrong. Continue reading

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16 Charters Were Approved by the NC Charter Advisory Board, Yet Only 8 Were Voted on

At the August meeting of the State Board of Education, 8 charter school applications were voted on and approved. However, 16 charter schools were approved by the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB).

CSAB members were angered and the group issued a resolution, requesting the State Board of Education consider each application approved by CSAB in the future. Continue reading

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#AmplifyChoice: The Case For Charter Schools

At the recent Amplify Choice event held in Denver, Colorado, participants heard from advocates and elected officials in the state on the issue of charter schools.

Amplify Choice Kick off SmallIn 1993, Colorado adopted a charter school law. Since it’s inception, Colorado has seen a healthy number of charter schools formed.

See how Colorado’s charters are performing, how they are funded, underfunded and how that relates to the current North Carolina Charter School climate. Continue reading

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