Hickory and Newton-Conover Schools Go Beyond Statute, Raise Drop Out Age to 18

At the North Carolina State Board of Education meeting held on October 6th, resolutions were presented by Hickory county schools and Newton-Conover schools regarding the drop out age.

The resolutions raise the drop out age from 16 to 18, thereby making 11th and 12th grades compulsory.

These resolutions are counter to North Carolina’s education statutes on compulsory education. North Carolina law states that children must attend school starting no later than seven years old and ending at sixteen.

The ramifications for any student now attempting to drop out prior to their 18th birthday in those districts will see their parents being charged with a class 3 misdemeanor.


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One Response to Hickory and Newton-Conover Schools Go Beyond Statute, Raise Drop Out Age to 18

  1. This is a terrible idea. IQ is distributed on a bell curve, and people with IQs below about 85 are not going to benefit from the additional, mandatory schooling. At the same time these lower IQ people will tend to be ‘problem students’. This ruling will keep ‘problem students’ in school longer than necessary, which will make life more difficult for everyone who attends or works in that school. This ruling is in the wrong direction, if anything we need a school system which provides tracks for the various IQ ranges, tailoring education to meet their needs in a realistic manner.


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