NC State Board Of Ed Meeting Slated for August 3-4

NCED IconThe next North Carolina State Board of Education (NCSBE) meeting is slated for August third and fourth.

The agenda for the upcoming meeting can be found on the NCSBE website under the ‘meetings‘ tab.

The NCSBE meetings are live streamed for those who cannot attend in person. Whose wishing to listen in will need to download RealPlayer if they do not already have it on their device.

Nowhere in the two-day agenda is the revision of Common Core math for High school or Elementary and middle school grades mentioned.

Of note on the agenda for August 3rd:

A. 1. a. BSOP 1 – Legislated Non-Recurring Reduction to the Department of Public Instruction

III. C. 1. b. EICS 2 – Charter Application Recommendations for Schools Opening in 2017

Other Charter documentation:

III. E. 2. a. – Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Update

Of note on the agenda for August 4th:

These new appointees are Todd Chasteen and Amy White. Also being introduced are the new Superintendent Advisor, Dr. Freddie Williamson, 2016 Wells Fargo Principal of the year, Melody Chalmers and the 2016 Teacher of the Year, Bobbie Cavnar.

VII. B. BUSINESS OPERATIONS COMMITTEE – (Mr. Greg Alcorn, Chair, and Mr. Todd Chasteen, Vice Chair)
Of note under business operations is adjustments being made to licensure fees.  The report documentation says that DPI is expecting to spend “$2.4M in Licensure operations during FY 2016-17”.

Licensure Documentation:

VII. B. 3. – Update on Contracts
There are 28 contracts listed for the August report.  The report nor any of the agenda items for the two-day meeting mention NC New Schools, the Gates Foundation backed Non-Profit which shut down earlier this year without warning and was given millions in both state and federal grants.

Contracts documentation:

Contracts of note include:

R + M, Inc., a public relations firm, for $22,500 in state dollars.

Peter Eversoll Photography to “serve as a Regional Recruiter for the Migrant Education Program for the Northeast region of the state, identifying and recruiting migrant children and youth into the Migrant Education Program.”. The cost is $42,840 in Federal dollars.

Rafael Ruiz and Luis Libreros, to ” serve as a Regional Recruiter for the Migrant Education Program for the Northwest part of North Carolina, identifying and recruiting migrant children and youth into the Migrant Education Program. ”  The cost is $42,840 in Federal dollars each.

Project Management services for the P-20W database with Computer Aid, Inc. for $173,118 Federal dollars and $310,285 state dollars.

NC State for extending “Digital Learning” initiatives for $13,091,899 state dollars, $9,232,842 Federal dollars with $234,090 in receipts to date.

EdMetric LLC for $48,600 in state dollars. Apparently EdMetric will be taking over local administered benchmark assessments. The previous outfit, Thinkgate, shut down out of the blue last year. Thinkgate took millions in Race To The Top grant money.

SAS Institute for Cloud computing services at $1,909,650 in Federal dollars and $70,000 in state dollars.

North Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction for the continued multi-state collaboration on the Kindergarten Entry Exam (KEA).   The contract states,  “The purpose of the EAG award is to enhance the kindergarten entry assessment North Carolina is currently developing as part of a kindergarten through third grade formative assessment process.”  The cost is $25,000 in Federal dollars.

Read about the KEA:

Parents of rising Kindergarteners, YOU CAN OPT YOUR CHILD OUT of the invasive and subjective data collection.  I did it.  Click here for a form to bring to school with you on the first day.



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