NC Board Of Ed Still Not Taking Up Common Core Recommendations

A brief update on the state of Common Core in North Carolina — the NC State Board of Education will apparently NOT be taking up the recommendations from the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) during their February meeting.

The subcommittee dealing with the recommendations do not list Common Core on the agenda as one of the topics they will cover:

11:05 – 11:50 a.m.
•  Educator Standards and Practices Committee
State Board members Olivia Oxendine, chair; Eric Davis, vice chair

Discussion items: Program Approval Modifications for Institutions of Higher Education, Policy Recommendations for the Teacher Licensure and Evaluation Process and Proposed Student Perception Surveys
New Business item: NC Teachers at Work Initiative

I’ve also gotten wind of a particular “education non-profit” person attempting to influence the work on these recommendations.

CC ED Potemkin VillageThe person directly involved in this influencing was totally absent from all 15 of the monthly meetings of the ASRC, however did write a letter to the commission at one point. I’m sure their letter had the BEST of intentions.

I was given assurances that this “education non-profit” was not really “focusing on standards”.

Silly me, this person is the head of a group that is closely tied to Pro-Core SAS and is an affiliate Common Core proliferator, America Succeeds. The 100K  in 2014 from Common Core backing Rockefeller Foundation likely helped out too.

I have put in a Freedom of Information Act request for all emails between this person and those involved in the subcommittee which will address the recommendations from the ASRC.  Stay tuned.

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