Flip a Coin. Is it Exec. Director Sgro or Rep. Sgro? – #ncga

Islamic terrorism struck the LGBT community in Orlando and it was devastating.  Vigils are appropriate. What’s not appropriate is using a vigil for those murdered to further your social justice and political agendas.

Such is the case with Equality NC sending out an email tying a vigil to slamming the legislature on HB2. Shame on them.

So, yet again, we find Director Sgro organizing a vigil protest against the very place he was appointed to serve as Representative Sgro.  It’s  like watching Two-Face flip his coin, and ask am I a representative today or an activist?

If this was a Republican, the media would be losing their minds.

The email from Representative/Executive Director Sgro is below.  Note that Moral Monday is holding a similar protest at nearly the same time.


Chris Sgro, Equality NC <enc@equalitync.org>

Sat, Jun 18, 2016 at 3:25 PM
Reply-To: enc@equalitync.org
To: WinstonSmith@DoublePlusGood.com
Equality NC

Winston,There is not much time left in this year’s short session. Leaders of the General Assembly have already indicated that we could be just two weeks away until the legislature adjourns. We cannot let them run out the clock and not repeal the hateful and discriminatory HB2. We must now be louder than ever.

Join us at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 22nd, in Raleigh as we “Stand against Hate”. The event will be a vigil to honor those that we have lost in Orlando and a rally to protect the ones most vulnerable in our community. We will stand together to show our determination to fight against harmful legislation that impacts the lives of LGBTQ North Carolinians by calling for full repeal of HB2 and to pass much needed protections.

RSVP now for the “Stand against Hate” rally!

Though different in many ways, the victims of the Orlando shooting had one thing in common: they were simply trying to be who they were, live their lives, and enjoy the evening in what they thought was a safe space. The horrific events that followed mark not just the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history, but one of the worst attacks carried out against the LGBT community in the United States. Their lives will not be forgotten as we stand against hate!

RSVP now and “Stand against Hate” on Wednesday, June 22nd.

This is a crucial time. We must ensure that the NCGA leadership and Governor McCrory hear us. We must get loud!

In Solidarity,

Chris Sgro
Executive Director, Equality NC

P.S. Share the Facebook event with all of your friends and let them know that you will “Stand Against Hate”

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