Imagine If This Was A Conservative…

Equality NC’s Executive Director, Chris Sgro, was installed at the NC General Assembly.

Sgro allegedly resigned his lobbying position with the organization on April 11th, but as of April 18th, he was still signing off on documents as their lobbying principal.

As of this article, he has yet to file an interest statement.

Imagine if this was a Conservative? The media would be all over it.

Lobbyist Playing Legislator?

Back in April, Sgro’s name was still appearing in HB 2 fundraising emails:

Now, he’s co-sponsor of a new bill serving that purpose:

Equality NC has been the leading voice in North Carolina opposing HB 2.  Sgro, along with Representatives Fisher, Harrison and Alexander, filed HB 1078 on May 10th. The bill is titled, “The Equality for All Act”.

The Act covers housing, employment, public accommodations, credit and education.  Under education, it includes Charter schools and and universities. It dictates that school boards should adopt policies that are nondiscriminatory per the initial definition stated in the Act.

Here is that initial definition, which is to be applied throughout:

“Protected status” means a person’s race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, sex, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status, or genetic information.

The Act directs the North Carolina Human Relations Commission to administer, supervise and enforce the conditions of the bill:

“The Human Relations Commission in the Department of Administration shall have the authority to receive, investigate, and conciliate complaints of discrimination in public accommodations.”

View the list of current commissioners.

What’s the cost of this bill? Over half a million dollars of the Human Relation Commission’s budget. The full figure is $535, 407.

Much of the over half million($242,669)  will go towards new positions:

SECTION 9.1.  There is appropriated from the General Fund to the Department of Administration, Human Relations Commission, the sum of seven hundred eighty‑eight thousand seventy‑six dollars ($788,076) in recurring funds for the 2016‑2017 fiscal year. Of the funds appropriated by this section, the sum of five hundred forty‑five thousand four hundred seven dollars ($545,407) shall be used for operating expenses and the sum of two hundred forty‑two thousand six hundred sixty‑nine dollars ($242,669) shall be used to fund the following new positions:

(1)        Program Assistant IV.

(2)        Human Relations Specialist I.

(3)        Human Relations Specialist I.

(4)        Administrative Assistant.

In a nutshell, the bill seeks to undermine HB 2 with the inclusion of “gender identity”.

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