The Wages of #HB2 Appeasement

Apparently, the NBA is an official elected body in the state of North Carolina.  Or at least that is how they are being treated by ‘NCGA leadership’ and Governor McCrory who have been in ‘private’ and closed-door discussions with the NBA over changes to HB2.

The ‘changes’ to HB 2 were leaked to WBTV news earlier this week. The biggest change was the inclusion of paperwork that would recognize if a person had a sex change or not. This inclusion is due to some states not allowing for birth certificates to be altered in the case of sex reassignment.

The initial changes also monkeyed with the facilities access language, citing Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but restored the right to sue at the state level for workplace discrimination.

Michael Jordan is apparently involved:

Apparently, Jordan doesn’t just sell Nissan’s in NC anymore. Now he’s interested in making sure men can pee and shower alongside women.

Someone should ask him how many young girls and women have access to the locker rooms in the NBA and if women who identify as men are allowed to play in the NBA?  None?  Then how does he feel about men having access to showering alongside his daughters in a locker room?

Unelected, Taxpayer Subsidized Body Makes Demands
All of this is about an All Star game in 2017, by the way folks. A single basketball game. That’s what’s being weighed as equal to the daily safety and privacy of North Carolina citizens.

“What the league is looking for is for anyone to be able to use, at any All Star venue, the bathroom associated with their gender identity,” the person said, adding that that goal extends to all venues used by NBA teams. (WBTV)

Pete Kaliner’s response took the words right out of my mouth:

Rainbow Backboard $In fact, just two years ago the Charlotte Hornets demanded that their locker rooms at the Charlotte Arena be upgraded to the tune of $600,000.

Who owns the Charlotte Arena? The city does to the tune of $265 million.

And who owns the Charlotte Hornets? Why, Michael Jordan does.

Both parties should be asked, did the refurbishment to the locker rooms make them gender neutral? No?  My aren’t we a collection of hypocrites?


The Wages of HB2 Appeasement
Yesterday, allegedly Democrat senators were herded into the Governor’s mansion for more private meetings on HB2 where ‘nothing really happened‘:

Appeasement of any group who has the objective of defeating you by any means necessary will always have negative results. You cannot appease anyone or anything whose primary goal is your complete destruction. This is true of the HB 2 appeasement that is unfolding right now.

So, Governor McCrory and ‘leadership’ how’s that appeasement working out for you?

The NBA rejected the changes to HB 2 and pretty much said full repeal was what they wanted. It would be a good bet that the NBA’s leadership is being pressured and directed by the Human Rights Campaign.

According to the Charlotte Observer, “Democratic Sens. Jeff Jackson of Charlotte and Terry Van Duyn of Buncombe County stood with gay rights advocates at a morning news conference to call for full repeal. But Sen. Joel Ford of Charlotte said he would support a compromise.”

Both the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC immediately dismissed the proposed changes, called again for full repeal and are now calling HB2, “HB 2.0”.

More Changes, ‘Blue Ribbon Commission’
Now we learn a second draft with additional changes to HB2 in in play that includes a ‘ blue ribbon commission’. Read the latest version of the HB2 changes draft.

The updated bill also changes the anti-discrimination task force called for in the earlier version of the bill to a blue ribbon commission. The task force contemplated in the first draft would have been comprised of members appointed by legislative leaders while the blue ribbon commission would be created by the governor. (WBTV)

I feel so much better now that a ‘blue ribbon commission’ will be selling NC citizens out, don’t you?

The Triad Conservative appears to be on the right track with their theory.

I also hope that the Governor and ‘leadership’ understand that the one thing rallying their base right now is HB2.  In fact, when the Governor stood up and pushed back, that’s right about when his numbers against Cooper began to rebound.  These latest activities are a finger poke in the eye of those who have been supporting our state leaders on HB2.  Lost votes will be the wages of appeasement here.

Meanwhile On The National Level
President Obama and his administration are wasting no time making every sector of society care.

This is not about locker rooms and bathrooms anymore, folks.

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  4. Geek49203 says:

    Excuse me if I’m wrong, but so far the sanctions have only hurt those communities that actually support this bathroom law, ie, mostly Charlotte with one ding to Cary?

    Why should the rest of the state budge? They created the problem let them pay for it.


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